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High-Efficiency Harvest

Using exclusive, patent-pending technology, AFS Harvest Command automation proactively adjusts the combine as crop conditions change. You choose the level of automation from four modes of performance. From there, Harvest Command , with its 16 sensors throughout the machine, takes over controlling seven combine adjustments. This technology allows even the inexperienced operator to achieve the productivity of an expert.

Find Your Perfect Flow With AFS Harvest Command™

Regardless of the time of day, crop conditions or moisture levels, the AFS Harvest Command combine automation system is always working for you. It’s simple. Each automation mode prioritizes different harvesting outcomes — from grain quality to grain savings to throughput. Choose the mode of automation to match your harvesting goals. Then set the crop type, maximum operating speed and power limits and AFS Harvest Command takes over from there.

Performance Mode

  • Automation to achieve maximum grain savings and grain quality while optimizing throughput.
  • This is the most commonly used mode of automation, used when the harvest is progressing well, conditions are nearly ideal, no weather threats are looming. Hit the sweet spot that optimizes grain savings, grain quality and throughput.


Grain Quality Mode

  • Automation to achieve maximum grain quality in the tank while saving grain and optimizing throughput.
  • This mode is designed for when your goal is to deliver the highest-quality grain possible. Minimize cracked and broken kernels.


Max Throughput Mode

  • The operator can maximize the throughput, and the machine will automatically adjust to save grain and maintain a quality sample.
  • This mode is ideal for tight harvest windows and weather limitations. Maximize the acres without sacrificing grain loss or quality.


Fixed Throughput Mode

  • The operator can fix the machine throughput, and the machine will adjust to save grain and maintain a quality sample.
  • This mode is ideal when you’re under limiting operating conditions (e.g. trucking schedules or drying limitations). Maintain a target throughput to match your infrastructure.



Simplify Harvest With Optimized Controls

Fine-tuning harvest settings and adjustments can test even the most experienced operator. AFS Harvest Command helps refine the harvesting process by reducing the number of functions you need to monitor in the cab from twelve to three. You control concave clearance, header position and grain tank unload and AFS Harvest Command takes care of the rest.


As grain moves through the combine, the automation system adjusts upper sieve opening, lower sieve opening, pre-sieve opening, cleaning fan rpm, rotor vane angle, rotor rpm and ground speed.


Fewer functions to monitor means fewer chances for error and less operator fatigue.


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