Case IH True-Tandem™ 335 Barracuda

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True-Tandem 335 Barracuda
Setting a new standard for aggressive crop residue and soil management, the True-Tandem 335 Barracuda effectively sizes and incorporates even the most stubborn crop residue to leave behind a blacker surface finish than other vertical tillage tools. Its rugged design is built for reliability at high speeds and the aggressive 22-inch serrated blades cut residue up to 4 inches deep to break up hard, dry soils for increased nutrient cycling.


Achieve Optimal Field Conditions

Our vertical tillage lineup is built on proven Agronomic Design™ principles with industry-exclusive blades. The True-Tandem 335VT and 335 Barracuda helps you cover more ground in less time so your fields are ready to go when your planting window approaches.


Low-Maintenance Frame Engineered to Last

Our industry-leading vertical tillage technology enhances operator control, reduces maintenance and extends component life. The True-Tandem symetrical frame design provides uniform pulling pressures, improved balance and stability, and keeps you in the field longer.


Higher Productivity

  • Increased length over competitive equipment improves for and aft leveling and overall balance
  • Mirror-matched gangs and a rugged, low-maintenance pull-through frame eliminate drift and accommodate higher ground speeds.
  • Designed with gusset plates to maximize strength and stress distribution.
  • Delivers more uniform weight per blade.



Frame-Mounted Wheels

Our IF 210/75R15 Radial gauge wheels feature an adjustable one-way-pivot design

Better Stability and Leveling

Stabilizer wheels are bolted directly to the frame for less wobble and operators can easily set the gauge wheels for wing leveling with no wrenches

Reduce Compaction

Large, stubble-resistant tires reduce compaction in your fields

Consistent Seedbed

Standard walking-tandem design offers balance and stability, resulting in a more


Front T-Bone Hitch/Pull Frame:

Engineered to maximize rear tractor tire clearance during tight turns, this spring cushioned hitch features the “perfect hitch” clevis for tractor pin compatibility and extra safety during hook-up.

Swivel Hose Stand

Mounted on the pull hitch, it keeps hoses and wires our of the way during hook-up and transport.

Rear Hitch

This optional feature allows for pull-type attachments for additional soil conditioning. With a vertical capacity of 1,000 pounds, this hitch is equipped with a 9-pin electronic connector for lighting and one set of hydraulic couplers.



Level The Growing Field

Engage soil to your intended depth, without disrupting soil density below the seedbed.

Single-Point Hydraulic Depth Control

Easily adjust operating depth with a single hand crank, conveniently located at the front of the machine to meet your needs.

Fore and Aft Leveling

Adjust levelness from the cab using hydraulics and view the gauge from the cab to easily return to your pre-adjusted position.


Keep Your Edge With Earth Metal Blades

Stronger than ordinary carbon steel blades, our industry-exclusive Earth Metal blades help you cover rocky terrain and uneven ground in confidence — even at high speeds. Crimped center disk blades provide a tighter fit with cast iron nodular spools and add strength to the center of the blade. Perfect for no-till and minimum-till environments, these blades penetrate hard soils to help you break through surface compaction.

Wave Blade

  • True-Tandem 335 VT features 20-inch blades.
  • Get reduced compaction compared to conventional blades as each blade runs on its edge and causes soil to level without back pressure.
  • Our Robo-Sharpener™ is specifically designed to recondition and sharpen unique Earth Metal VT Wave blades.


Longer Edge Life VT Wave Blade

  • 20-inch blades with longer edge life are 5 mm thick and available in single-fold machines.
  • Same agronomic benefits as the VT Wave Blade, but this blade stays sharper for multiple seasons allowing for reduced maintenance.
  • Ideal for land without rocks.


Barracuda Blade

  • True-Tandem 335 Barracuda features 22-inch serrated blades that provide up to 4 inches of additional dept in one pass and capable of running at 6-9 mph.
  • The chisel-tip blade serrations provide longer sharpness as the valley between each blade stays sharp, even when the chisel-tipped teeth wear, allowing for greater productivity and optimal performance.



A Dynamic Duo for a Superior Finish

The 18-degree gang angle paired with each blade’s concavity and crimped center results in even cutting and mixing action for a superior finish. Front gang blades and rear gang blades are precisely indexed to one another, providing an even surface finish and a more even sub-surface floor than any other vertical tillage tool and high-speed disk

Disk Gang Scraper

  • The U-shaped scraper design decreases the likelihood of bending when engaged with rocks and debris.
  • Extremely versatile from dry to wet conditions


Arbor Bolt

  • Round, 1 ½ inch arbor bolts feature a single tightening nut
  • Holds torque more consistently than bolts with nuts on either end


Nodular Cast-Iron Spools

  • Stronger than gray cast-iron or steel-fabricated spools
  • Spools withstand shock loads, providing the weight necessary to cut residue and penetrate hard soil.


Cushion Gang Bearing

  • Equipped with standard cushion C-springs to help absorb the shock load when blades hit an obstruction.


Model True Tandem 335 Barracuda, Single Fold 3-Section
Fore-aft configuratiion Blade-Blade-Rolling reel
Primary blade type, disk, coulter or turbo Serrated, mdified wave turbo blade
Manufacturer's description of blades Earth Metal Barracuda Blade
Dimensions and Weights  
Working width, minimum, ft-in (m) 22' 5" (6.83)
Working width, maximum, ft-in (m) 34' 3" (10.44)
Transport width, minimum, ft-in (m) 14' 6" (4.42)
Transport width, maximum, ft-in (m) 18' 0" (5.49)
Transport height, minimum, ft-in (m) 10' 5" (3.18)
Transport height, maximum, ft-in (m) 13' 7" (4.14)
Weight, minimum, lb (kg) np
Weight, maximum, lb (kg) np
Sizes available, number of widths 5
Blade diameter, in (mm) 22 (559)
Blade spacing, in (mm) 7.5 (191)
Blade edge profile Chisel-tip blade serrations
Blade concavity Shallow concavity
Blade Mounting and Angles  
Blade Mounting, on Gangs or Standards Gangs
Front angle of gang or blades, degrees 18
Rear angle of gang or blades, degrees 18
Rolling Basket, Reel or Chopper  
Description, basket, reel or chopper Double Edge Rolling Reel
Rolling Diameter, in (mm) 14 (356)
Bars or blades on circumference Formed double edge on each bar
Harrow tooth, spike or coil tine Coil tine optional, for rice areas only
Harrow gangs 3-bar optional, for rice areas only
Transport tire, largest size 12.5x15 FI up to 380/60 R16.5
Wing tire, largest size 11Lx15, 8 ply or 380/60 R16.5
Tractor Power Recommendations  
Power per width of cut, hp/ft (kW/m) 10 to 15 (24 to 37)
Sales Literature  
Literature Number CIH01091601
Literature Date 1/1/2016
Secondary Source  
Secondary Source Number --
Secondary Source Date --
Status and Entry Dates  
Manufacturing status Current
First Entry Date 2/15/2016
Revision Date --
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