Brent Grain Carts


brent avalanche 96 series dual auger grain carts t brThe Brent Avalanche® grain carts have set powerful standards for unloading speed, convenience, capacity and durability since 1998. That record of commitment continues with the 96 series. In addition to the industry's first pivoting unloading auger, the 96 series adds greater unloading convenience with a bi-directional downspout and increased operator comfort with a rubber cushioned tongue suspension. Operator convenience, industry-leading unloading speeds, large carrying capacities and unmatched durability make the Avalanche® grain cart the right choice for your operation. When you're ready for the best, you're ready for a Brent.



brent v series corner auger grain cart features t brThe Brent V-Series grain carts bring operator visibility and convenience to new limits. The exclusive forward-reaching, single corner-auger design provides industry-leading forward auger reach which maximizes visibility of the auger and downspout. This reduces operator fatigue and minimizes the risk of spilling to keep your harvest running smoothly. Choose from models V1500, V1300, V1100, V1000, V800 and V700 with capacities ranging from 1,500 to 750 bushels and unloading speeds up to 650 bushels per minute depending on model.

When you're ready for the best, choose the leader and innovator in grain handling equipment....choose Brent.



brent 86 series intro t brWith today's high-volume, fast-paced combines, you require grain carts to match with unloading versatility - Introducing the new Brent models 1386 and 1186. They feature a rear-folding auger with greater reach for quicker grain cart positioning; a patent-pending variable-height upper auger for precise grain placement in the furthest corners of the semitrailer, large capacities and rapid unloading for a prompt return to the combine. Your choice of high flotation single wheels & tires or tracks and the wide variety of accessories to choose from ensures this grain cart meets your needs. When you're ready for the best, you're ready for a Brent.



brent 82 series corner auger grain carts t brFrom start to finish, harvest goes smoother with a Brent grain cart. Harvest efficiency is pushed to the max with 1,200 to 500 bushel capacities with unloading speeds up to 625 bushels per minute. The corner-auger positioning makes it easy to reach across ditches and fences to fill the corners and top off each load, even over the tallest trucks and wagons. The compact auger-fold design tucks under the side of the grain cart for ease of transport and storage. An industry-leading design with a wide variety of undercarriage options and accessories. When you're ready for the best, you're ready for a Brent.



brent 57 q series the grain train features t brWhen it comes to wagon designs, count on the Brent name to lead in productivity-enhancing innovations. This tradition continues with the new 57- and 57Q-series Grain Train wagons. With the patented door wheel on the 757, 657 and 557 that quickly adjusts to left or right side of the unloading door to the 757Q, 657Q and 557Q with push-button operated unloading door, Brent Grain Train wagons will make your harvest quicker and smoother from start to finish. The wagon that is quick, quiet and convenient - When your're ready for the best, you're ready for a Brent!


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