Track Loaders

GEN:3 Track Loaders

Since entering the track loader market in 2001, Gehl has dedicated itself to the needs of its equipment owners. We have ensured that our track loaders provide the power and features necessary to get the job done. This decade of expertise has culminated in the RT Series track loaders.

New RT175 GEN:3 and RT210 GEN:3 track loaders feature the IdealTrax™ Automatic Track Tensioning System, horsepower management, and customized operation. Horsepower Management
senses machine load electronically and continuously monitors and adjusts the hydrostatic drive pump displacements to manage available engine horsepower and torque.IdealTrax™ System
Gehl's industry-exclusive IdealTrax™ Automatic Track Tensioning System eliminates the need for manually tensioning the tracks on the loader before operation. Radial-Lift Compact Track Loaders | Taking Performance To The Next Level
The RT Series Track Loaders from Gehl provide high performance in a fully customizable package. The new RT175 GEN:3, RT210 GEN:3, and RT250 GEN:3 take high-capacity power, breakout force, and tractive effort to a new level. For larger jobs, the RT250 GEN:3 brings the extra capacity.

Fold-Up Door
GEN:3 enhancement, this patented new design provides cab-to-canopy versatility, all while maintaining low clearance and a Level II FOPS certification.

Eliminate Tension Headaches
The IdealTrax™ Automatic Track Tensioning System maintains tensioning of the tracks when the engine is started and during operation.
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Powerful Diesel Engines
Tier IV-certified Yanmar diesel engines provide 69.9 hp on the RT175 GEN:3, 72 hp on the RT210 GEN:3, & 74.3 hp RT250 GEN:3.

Productive Performance
These machines pack a punch when it comes to efficiently transferring power to tractive effort.

Spacious Cab Interior
Ergonomic and adjustable operator's station provides class-leading comfort.

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