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  • How to set up and grant access to your Case IH dealer through and AFS Connect

    Learn how to set up default dealer access for, which sets up access for AFS Connect as well. By setting up a Case IH dealer, this allows the dealer to help troubleshoot your equipment and account and help plan maintenance to keep you up and running. You can choose to select dealer access by individual equipment or you can allow your Case IH dealer to have access to view your entire fleet.

  • AFS Furrow Command Overview

    Understand the benefit of AFS Furrow Command technology on the Precision Disk air drills.

  • Overview 2110 Early Riser Rigid Mounted Planter

    Learn about the 2110 Early Riser rigid mounted planter available in 6 & 8 Rows with 30, 36, 38, & 40 inch spacing.

  • In-Cab Overview on Setting up the AFS Pro 1200 for the 2000 Early Riser Planter

    Gain an understanding on how to setup your AFS Pro 1200 planter software for the 2000 Series Early Riser Planter for the best customization and visualization of mapping and data.

  • Automatically Optimize Combine Settings with AFS Harvest Command

    AFS Harvest Command™ combine automation — available on the new Axial-Flow® 250 series combines — utilizes 16 sensors to automatically adjust seven combine settings to match your harvesting goals. You choose the level of automation from four different strategies, and AFS Harvest Command optimizes your output as crop conditions change. This advanced technology allows even the inexperienced operator to achieve the productivity of an expert.

  • Pre-Season Planter Setup Wizard on AFS Pro 1200 Display

    Pre-Season Planter Setup Wizard on AFS Pro 1200 Display

  • Assign Visible Layers with AFS Pro 1200

    Visible layers in the AFS Connect portal when using a Precision Planting 20/20 display to control an Early Riser 2000 Series planter.

  • Assigning Seed Varieties on AFS Pro 1200

    Using the AFS Pro 1200 to assign Seed Varieties to an Early Riser 2000 Series Planter to allow tracking in the AFS Connect portal and for tracking purposes at harvest time.

  • Product Library Creation & Editing

    Managing products in the AFS Pro 1200 Product Library. Includes filtering Crop Types, copying products and editing information for later assignment to application points on a planter or other implement.

  • 2150S Sub-Frame Control & Storage Mode Operation on AFS Pro 1200

    Using the AFS Pro 1200 to control the Sub Frame on the Early Riser 2150S model. Also explains how to active and utilize the Storage Mode on all 2000 Series Front Fold Trailing Planters.

  • New 2024 Steiger Series Tractors

    We are excited to offer six all-new models to the Steiger family, available in wheeled, Rowtrac™, or the industry-leading Quadtrac® models. Powered with a CVXDrive™ continuously variable transmission to deliver horsepower to the ground, or the proven PowerDrive powershift transmission, there’s a model to meet every job head-on.

  • Case IH Maxxum Series Tractors; Customer Testimonial

    Hear from David Spangler from S&G Farms out of Stonington, Illinois as he describes what he loves about the Maxxum series tractor.

  • Case IH Puma Series Tractors; Customer Testimonial

    Hear from David Spangler of S&G Farms out of Stonington, Illinois as he outlines what he loves about the Puma series tractor.

  • Case IH Maxxum Series Tractors; Customer Testimonial

    Hear from Joey McHenry, from McHenry's Harvesting out of Kennedyville, Maryland outlines what he loves about the Maxxum series tractor.

  • Evaluate your Seed Varieties with AFS Connect

    It all starts with planting. Track and import your seed varieties into AFS Connect and gain valuable insights throughout the growing and harvest seasons. Understanding your crop performance using information gained through AFS Connect can help you plan more confidently for your next crop!

  • NEW AFS Connect Puma Series Tractor

    The AFS Connect™ Puma® series tractor provides a new level of connectivity, productivity and comfort. Building on the Puma tractor footprint first established in 2006, the AFS Connect Puma tractor brings enhancements that truly make it a world-class tractor at home on any operation. With five models to choose — from 180 HP up to the all-new 260 HP model, there’s a tractor that’s up to your demanding tasks.

  • How to Post-Calibrate Yield Layers in AFS Connect

    Learn how to post-calibrate yield layers within AFS Connect. Although the best practice for viewing accurate yield data is to calibrate your combine and display at the beginning of the harvest season, there are times that this is not an option. This video shows you how you can do that within AFS Connect.

  • How to run Machine Parameter Reports in AFS Connect

    Learn more about reports available through AFS Connect. This video shows you how to run detailed machine parameter reports for your connected machines within AFS Connect.

  • How to Show or Hide Archived Equipment in AFS Connect

    Learn how show or hide equipment no longer in your fleet within AFS Connect. This video shows you how to archive connected machines and lets owners hide equipment that is no longer in their fleet, without deleting the data collected from that machine. Archiving machines no longer in your fleet allows you to hide the equipment so it no longer shows up in your list.

  • How to view Machine Parameters & Alerts in the AFS Connect App

    The AFS Connect mobile app can show account owners machine parameters, alerts and notifications that have been triggered on their equipment. Sort and filter alerts by alert type, severity of the alert or by date range.Share information about the alert as needed via text or email.

  • How to initiate a Remote Display View session with the Pro 1200

    Learn how to initiate or accept a remote display view session through AFS Connect and the Pro 1200 display. Remote display viewing connects operators with a farm manager or dealer, so they can view exactly what an operator is seeing on the AFS Pro 1200 display in the cab, to help with display navigation, set-up, or troubleshooting.

  • How to use Equipment Mode within AFS Connect

    AFS Connect helps you manage your fleet by reporting current and historic information, parameters, and location.

  • How to create and edit custom legends in AFS Connect

    With AFS Connect, you have the ability to customize how you view your data layers, like yield, seeding and application data. This video shows you how to create custom legends in AFS Connect.

  • How to View Field Layer Maps in AFS Connect

    Learn how to view field layer maps within AFS Connect. Once you select your field, use the Field View tab to see more information about that specific field.

  • How to change your AFS Connect Account Preferences and Settings

    This video shows you how to edit your AFS Connect farm account preferences, such as crop types, time zone, units of measure and more.

  • View and Share Harvest Reports through AFS Connect

    This video shows you how to share harvest data and various reports within AFS Connect.

  • How to View Weather information in AFS Connect

    Easily track and monitor weather events, rainfall amounts and more within AFS Connect and the AFS Connect Farm App. View current, future and historical weather data for your operation fields.

  • How to Use AFS Connect to View Equipment Locations and Machine History

    "Looking back to see a machine's location and metric history can be valuable to an equipment owner. It can help them learn about how the machine is being operated, how the machine performed and was used, and can even tell an agronomic story. Learn how AFS Connect allows equipment owners to review location and metric history, for any twenty-four hour period, over the last ninety days."

  • Using AFS Connect to Create and View Equipment Notifications

    AFS Connect lets owners set up and receive notifications about their equipment. Learn how to create geofence, curfew, and other machine performance notifications and receive alerts on your mobile phone, desktop or through email.

  • How to use Missing Layers information to create a new Field Boundary in AFS Connect

    Learn how to use a field activity layer, that hasn't yet been assigned a boundary, to create a new field in AFS Connect

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