Harvest with Peace of Mind

Geringhoff has been manufacturing threshing machines as well as corn and grain drying machines since 1956. They now manufacture a wide range of harvesting equipment offering unparalleled performance in all field conditions. Choose from our line of Geringhoff equipment that includes Corn Headers, Sorghum Harvester, Sunflower Harvester, and more. 

  • Geringhoff Headers 1920x660 NorthStar 1


    Geringhoff forged the Elite XL Series to offer an exceptionally smooth and quiet running system, despite its fierce appetite in the field. Its knife-roll processing moved harvest innovation beyond the basic corn head operation competitors were using. Aside from removing the ears from the stalk, the NorthStar Elite XL processes the stalk, allowing for greater breakdown and postharvest tillage. The NorthStar Elite XL handles stalks as tough as they come, and increases harvest production without typical delays caused by changing stalk characteristics and unpredictable harvest conditions, and allows for harvest at higher ground speeds.

  • Geringhoff Headers 1920x660 Rota Disc


    Experience reduced fuel consumption, reduced downtime, and fewer maintenance requirements. The uniquely patented Rota Disc design speeds growers through harvest and leaves a distinctly processed field behind. Vertically sliced, shredded, and evenly distributed, the Rota Disc is the industry’s most efficient stalk destruction corn header.

  • Geringhoff Headers 1920x660 Patriot Corn Head 1


    The innovative design of the Patriot was engineered to deliver outstanding performance in your fields no matter the conditions. It's very forgiving when harvesting directly on the row is a challenge. The Patriot is well suited for single or twin row planting configurations, and ready to take on downed corn. 

  • Geringhoff Headers 1920x660 Horizon Elite XL 1


    When it comes to originals, the Horizon Elite XL is Geringhoff’s classic head. Introduced as the first horizontal chopping corn head on the market over 50 years ago, the Horizon Elite XL became the protégé for other manufacturers, and it will always be known for its innovation and how it changed the harvest game.

    Similar to the NorthStar Elite XL, this corn head features low weight design, max performance, and carries Geringhoff’s reputation of low maintenance, high quality equipment. 

  • Geringhoff Headers 1920x660 Horizon SC Elite XL 1


    Designed with a sustainable harvest in mind, the Geringhoff SC Elite XL windrows less than half of stover, leaving the rest in the field for future nutrient absorption. Ethanol production companies and cattle producers both want a clean bale, and the Horizon SC Elite XL produces a windrow that growers can pick up cleanly with balers.

  • Geringhoff Headers 1920x660 Freedom Corn Head 1


    The Geringhoff Freedom Corn Head is part of our Independence product line. Its powerful 15" row harvesting capability, make the Freedom the most advanced narrow row corn head available today. The Freedom provides a gateway to narrow corn production while maintaining our high standards for yield retention and performance even in the toughest conditions. The Freedom allows for an easy transition from 30” to 15” corn with best-in-class crop gathering and stalk processing technology. The innovative patented row unit uses angled gathering chains to gently deliver the ears to the auger trough. The vertical return of the chain lug works to eliminate shelling. The combination of more row units per foot of cut com a low 20-degree profile make the Freedom the only solution for down corn in narrow rows.

  • Geringhoff Headers 1920x660 TruFlex Razor


    There’s no such thing as a perfectly uniform or evenly contoured field. For low growing crops, the Geringhoff TruFlex Razor offers a first-in-class flexible frame, flexible cutter bar, plus a flexible, segmented reel. That's forceful flexibility, three times over. That unique combination proprietary to the TruFlex Razor results in delicate, precision harvest. This exclusive design lends itself to the future of harvesting.

  • Geringhoff Headers 1920x660 MiloStar 2


    Grain sorghum is harvested after the seeds are fully mature, and require milo headers that offer precision, flexibility, and time management. Geringhoff’s MiloStar is that solution. Harvest at faster speeds, save resources on drying, and harvest at lower moisture without damage or crop loss.

  • Geringhoff Headers 1920x660 Sunflower


    This head aggressively harvests your crop, while gently transferring it to prevent loss. It will keep you running fast and effective, and maximize your yield and profits.

    Stalks are efficiently divided between the grain chutes and progress towards the gathering pans and diverted towards the feeding rollers. Crop flows swiftly to the adjustable auger and is smoothly transferred to the combine feeder house.

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