2211 Series Ripoll

Disc/Chisel/Disc or Disc/Ripper/Disc or Both

The Landoll 2211 Series Ripoll has versatility engrained in its DNA.  The ability to utilize either chisel shanks or ripper shanks truly provides the best of most tillage operations in one solid performer.  Built-in adjustability allows the operator to fine tune the 2211 to fit a wide variety of conditions and expectations. Built on a massive structural steel frame, the 2211 has the backbone to allow for a unique staggered shank arrangement and overlapping front disc gangs.  Adding in the adjustable gang angle for both the front and rear gangs allow the 24” disc blades to use their 10 1/2” spacing to the fullest for exceptional residue flow.  Chisel shanks with straight or twisted points allow for maximum mixing and blending of the sized residue.  Equipping the 2211 with ripper shanks and v-cap or shark-fin points allow for compaction management while incorporating the residue into the soil.  Specifically equipped, the Landoll 2211 Ripoll is a true hybrid!

Soil Management

Producer expectations determine how the Landoll 2211 Ripoll will be set.  The 2211 incorporates both front and rear adjustable disc gangs.  The front gangs are responsible for initial sizing of the residue. The rear gangs handle the degree of levelness and final blending and mixing of the residue.  The shanks (either chisel or ripper) are the workhorses of this machine.  Whether working shallow with the chisels to capture the best mixing or working deeper to manage compaction, the 2211 is the machine to use.  Soil management practices can be ever changing.  The Landoll 2211 Ripoll is designed from the ground up to be able to meet many different expectations.

Durable and Reliable

The 2211 Ripoll is built in true Landoll style…precision, laser cut frame components embrace the technology of robotic welding to its fullest.  Durability is built in, not added on.  Incorporation of UHMW polymer in the lift axles provides a maintenance-free feature that eliminates daily greasing.  Trunnion mount bearings are used throughout the disc assemblies and are covered by a 3-year warranty.  Heavy-duty coil spring auto-reset shanks allow 1,750 lbs. of point load and 32” of under frame clearance.  The reset is the same for either the chisel or the ripper shank legs.  The self-leveling hitch and single point depth control add to the list of items that extend the reliability of the Landoll 2211 Ripoll beyond the competition.

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