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New for Model Year 2024

Expanding the Early Riser Planter Lineup

The Early Riser planter lineup expands to include the new 2120 rigid trailing planter and two new sizes for the 2110 rigid mounted planter.

  • The 2120 Early Riser planter puts leading-edge technology advanced enough for the biggest farms in the hands of everyone, with easy customization, durable engineering and precision measurement
  • The 2110 Early Riser expands to include 11- and 15- row configurations, which allows growers flexibility to plant both 15” and 30” row crops

Split-Row Planting

2150S Split-row Model

The Early Riser 2150S front-fold trailing planter provides the agronomic benefits of split-row planting with greater in-field productivity.

  • A fertilizer capacity of 525 gallons with 100 bu. of seed capacity maximizes in-field productivity while individual tank scales provide easy, even filling.
  • In-cab hydraulic row unit lift control allows operators to easily convert from 15- to 30-inch spacing.
  • Exclusive, industry-leading offset row unit design helps increase residue flow with minimal plugging opportunities.
  • Exceptional ground-following capabilities are made possible by 30 degrees of total wing flexibility, while the hydraulic wing downforce option improves depth control.

Row Unit

Row Units Built for Accuracy

Recent field testing shows our industry-leading Early Riser planter row unit is where speed, precision and performance meet. The unit is high-speed capable while delivering accurate seed placement, net effective stand and harvest data.
Watch this video to learn how the Early Riser row unit is designed for superior agronomic performance.

Advanced Seed Delivery

Precise Per-Row Seed Metering

To achieve the perfect picket fence stand, you need a seed meter capable of delivering accurate and consistent seed singulation, populations and in-row spacing. The all-new seed meter and electric drive at the heart of the new 2000 series Early Riser planter row unit do just that. And it does it at your speed.
Watch the video to get an inside look at how Advanced Seed Delivery™ provides the most precise control from the meter to the furrow.

Bulk Fill System

Engineered to Deliver

2000 Series Early Riser Planters are equipped with bulk-fill tanks to provide reliable seed delivery — no matter the seed population. The 2160, 2150 and 2140 models feature two bulk-fill tanks, and the 2130 model features one 50-bushel tank.

Optional 1.9-bushel on-row individual hoppers are available on all 2130 and 2150 models.

Carrier System

Reduced Compaction & Better Maneuverability

Extend your planting window with the. With increased flotation over a wheeled carrier, this system reduces compaction and improves yield potential in wet spring Rowtrac™ Carrier System, currently available as a factory-installed optiong conditions. Providing better maneuverability with transport steering and excellent ground contact on uneven terrain with fore-aft track oscillation, the Case IH carrier maximizes productivity, while minimizing room for error.

Watch the video to learn more unmatched features of the Rowtrac Carrier System.

Maintenance and Uptime

Easy Service Access & Simplified Adjustments

Many components of our 2000 series Early Riser planters – including the metering system and row unit settings – provide tool-free crop changes and adjustments.

Plus, we’ve eliminated all the mechanical components – hex shafts, bearings, couplers, sprockets, chains and clutches – needed to turn a conventional planter. Fewer things to go wrong means reduced, simpler maintenance.

Precision Planting

Fit the Way You Farm

As the only planter engineered and built with Precision Planting® components, you can customize your planter with the most accurate planting technology. While others may offer similar components, only the 2000 Series Early Riser Planter combines Precision Planting technology with the industry’s most agronomically designed row unit. 

AFS Technology

AFS Technology Maximizes Performance

The Advanced Farming Systems (AFS) from Case IH help to reduce overlaps and skips and visualize high-resolution, as-applied planting data in real time. With various control system options to match your operation and equipment needs, AFS gives producers the power to control inputs by prescription; and monitor planter performance — all from one display.

Customization Options

Built to Your Specs

Direct from the factory, each 2000 series Early Riser planter is configured to meet your specific needs and fit perfectly into your cropping practices. Like never before, you can customize your planter to your farm’s soil types, terrain, fertilizer and chemical application needs, and crop residue management preferences.

Built to Your Specs

Direct from the factory, each 2000 series Early Riser planter is configured to meet your specific needs and fit perfectly into your cropping practices. Like never before, you can customize your planter to your farm’s soil types, terrain, fertilizer and chemical application needs, and crop residue management preferences.
Number Of Rows 12
Row Spacings - In (mm) 30(762)
Seed Hopper Row Hoppers or Single Bulk-Fill
Hookup To Tractor Mounted or Semi-mounted
Method Of Folding For Transport Stack-fold
Standard Hopper Capacity bu (US) [ L ]1.9
Optional Hopper Arrangement Single Bulk-Fill
Optional Hopper Capacity bu (US) [ L ]50
Dry Fertilizer Capacity - Lb (kg)
Dry Fertilizer Capacity lbs [ kg ]
Liquid Fertilizer Capacity - Gal (L)
Liquid Fertilizer Capacity gallons (US) [ ltr ]
Granular Chemical Capacity - Lb (kg)
Granular Chemical Capacity lbs [ kg ]
Metering Device - Option 1 Precision Planting vSet 2 vacuum
Metering Device - Option 2 Precision Planting vSet 2 w/SpeedTube (ASD)
Metering Device - Option 3
Furrow-forming Device 15" offset opener discs
Seed Delivery, Meter To Furrow Gravity drop w/ 10 LED seed sensor
Optional Seed Delivery, Meter To Furrow Precision Planting SpeedTube flighted belt (ASD)
Depth Gauging System Adjustable T-handle, 1/4" or 1/8" increments
Closing System 9" inverted discs & rubber press wheel
Standard Down Force Method Air down force w/gauge wheel feedback
Optional Down Force Method Precision Planting DeltaForce, row-by-row
Standard Seed Drive Precision Planting vDrive electric motors
Optional Seed Drive
Dry Fertilizer Drive
Liquid Fertilizer Drive 3-section control through AFS Pro
Liquid Fertilizer Openers In-furrow, optional
Dry Fertilizer Openers
Disc Furrowers
Residue Tine Wheels, Row Cleaners Fixed, floating or Precision Planting CleanSweep air cylinders
Coulter Only
Coulter And Residue Tine Wheels Combination
Monitor - Option 1 AFS Pro 700 required
Monitor - Option 2
Sections 3
Type Wing flex +/- 8 degrees, 16 degrees total
Markers Optional for row hopper models only
Rear Trailer Hitch
Main Frame Tire Size Opt. lift-assist castering VF 245/70 r19
Wing Frame Tire Size 7.6x15, 10 ply (wings only on 12 row)
Planting Width - Ft-in (m) 30'
Min Planting Width ft/in [ m ]
Max Planting Width ft/in [ m ]
Max Transport Width ft/in [ m ]20'6"
Max Transport Height ft/in [ m ]11'1"
Transport Length ft/in [ m ]
Empty Weight lbs [ kg ]9500
Empty Weight with Fertilizer Tanks lbs [ kg ]
Min Power Needed hp [ kW ]180
Max Power Needed hp [ kW ]310
Drawbar/Hitch Requirement 3-point Category 3 or 4N; or 2-point w/lift-assist
Min Hydraulic Flow gallons (US) / min [ lt/min ]
Max Hydraulic Flow gallons (US) / min [ lt/min ]
PTO Driven Pump Or Power Beyond Planter-mounted hydraulic drives for air & electric
Remote Hydraulic Circuits 3 or 4
  • brand caseih
  • brand ashland
  • brand brent
  • brand cubcadet2
  • brand gehl
  • brand geringhoff
  • brand grasshopper
  • brand greatplains
  • brand kinze
  • brand landoll
  • brand landpride
  • brand macdon
  • brand polaris
  • brand rotomix
  • brand supremeint
  • brand vermeer