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Maximize Productivity and Efficiency

AccuTurn automated headland-turning technology removes the guesswork of turning on headlands. Using the same proprietary software logic found on our Autonomous Concept Vehicle,, this next-generation autoguidance technology gives you hands-free, automatic and repeatable turns for increased productivity and reduced operator fatigue.


NEW FOR 2019

Now Available on Patriot Sprayers

Experience improved turning technology on a wider variety of equipment: AFS AccuTurn is now available on Model Year 2019 Patriot® series sprayers in addition to tractors. Operators can count on quick, consistent and accurate application across their entire fields with all the precision that automatic turn-path planning provides.​



Repeatable Accuracy with Accuturn

This new functionality can be used on any newer Case IH Steiger®, Magnum™, Optum®, Puma® or Maxxum® tractors or Patriot Series sprayers that are equipped with AccuGuide™ autoguidance and a AFS 262/372 receiver, NAV II/ NAV III controller and an AFS Pro 700 or AFS Pro 1200 display.



Maximize Turning Accuracy

AFS AccuTurn gives you two different modes of operation to help you control the turning function based on the operation, farm or situation. These modes include Turn Now and Automatic.

Turn Now

Using Turn Now, your current position is recorded, and your turn is planned and executed once your implement reaches this point within the field. This ensures your implements leave and enter the working area squarely, providing maximum agronomic benefit and efficiency. The Turn Now feature can be used on operations not currently utilizing boundaries or headlands, but when you still want the benefits associated with AccuTurn.

Automatic: Boundary

The Automatic: Boundary mode builds the best turn when you approach the edge of your field and reach the trigger. You can choose from multiple triggers tailored to your operation. When using a boundary as a trigger, your automated headland turn begins once your implement has crossed over the boundary, ensuring you get the maximum productivity from your field by reducing your inputs.

Automatic: Headland

With Automatic: Headland Mode, your equipment thinks like you and navigates your headlands efficiently, optimizing the best turn for your application.

The headland feature not only executes AccuTurn but also triggers section control when crossing into the headland. Automatic: Headland calculates using multiples of your implement width or a custom-designed headland width to match your needs. This can be used in conjunction with the AccuGuide Field swath pattern to create interior autoguidance swaths and headland guidance swaths and allowing you to quickly toggle between them.



Precision at Every Turn

The advanced turn-path planning algorithms help plan the most efficient turn optimized for your equipment on even the most challenging of headlands. AccuTurn continuously projects and customizes vehicle's turn path and ensures that the implement is square after every turn.



Auto-Speed Optimization

Execute your turns at optimal speed. AccuTurn provides a speed and distance countdown to your next turn. Intuitive pop-ups will alert you to slow down, if needed, to complete your turn.



Hear What Operators Have to Say About AccuTurn

Accuturn optimizes field layouts while minimizing operator error and reducing fatigue. Hear from these producers how AccuTurn has revolutionized their operations.


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