Case IH AFS Soil Command

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Agronomically Optimize a High-efficiency Seedbed

AFS Soil Command™ provides the tools needed to measure and optimize the agronomic quality of seedbeds, right from the tractor cab.



AFS Soil Command Seedbed Sensing Technology

Create an agronomic seedbed floor

AFS Soil Command seedbed sensing technology is the first to enable you to measure and optimize the agronomic quality of your seedbed right from the tractor cab. This advanced technology delivers real-time feedback from the seedbed. This helps you make yield-enhancing adjustments to eliminate an uneven seedbed floor that causes planter row unit bounce.



AFS Soil Command Agronomic Control Technology

Adjust settings to optimize each tillage pass

Field conditions change from field to field and from pass to pass. AFS Soil Command gives you precise control of your tillage equipment as conditions change, to unlock the full agronomic potential of the seedbed. Make agronomically correct adjustments from the seat of the tractor, ensuring the entire machine is properly set.



AFS Soil Command Mapping Technology

Use field mapping and two-way data transfer to gain agronomic insights

Optimize settings to the ground you’re tilling at each moment, not just to the average of the field. AFS Soil Command mapping technology helps you adapt to changing field conditions by recording shank depth adjustments, giving you the tools needed to create a smooth, consistent seedbed floor. Two-way data transfer makes for wireless information sharing. This allows you to make informed agronomic insights.


Combined with other AFS Soil Command capabilities, seedbed mapping technology bolsters an already powerful suite of agronomic tools used to record data, adjust equipment settings and more.



Case IH Tillage Tools with AFS Soil Command

Proven and dependable AFS components integrate with Case IH tillage tools with in-cab controls so you can make every inch of the field an ideal crop environment.


Ecolo-Tiger 875

AFS Soil Command Features:

  • Fore/Aft Adjustment
  • Disk Gang Depth
  • Shank Depth
  • Levler Depth
  • Crumbler Pressure


Tiger-Mate 255

AFS Soil Command Features:

  • Fore/Aft Adjustment
  • Crumbler Pressure
  • Shank Depth
  • Shank Seedbed Sensor


True-Tandem 345/375

AFS Soil Command Features:

  • Fore/Aft Adjustment
  • Disk Frame Depth
  • Crumbler Pressure


True-Tandem 335VT/Barracuda

AFS Soil Command Features:

  • Fore/Aft Adjustment
  • Disk Frame Depth
  • Crumbler Pressure


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