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Taking Data Collection to New Heights

The latest Case IH AFS precision solution provides a whole new perspective, instantly. Local processing on the drone and mobile device deliver instant, in-field processing of drone imagery. Quickly take the pulse of crop health and immediately begin uncovering opportunities – such as adjusting your fertilizer program or identifying insect pressure or weed escapes – even before the drone touches down.


Everything you need, right out of the box.

The Case IH UAV package includes the DJI® Phantom 4 Pro drone with RGB camera, a hard carrying case, an extra battery and a one-year subscription to DroneDeploy software. This system makes it quick and easy for producers to fly their drone, capture imagery, view and analyze maps with powerful filters, and then share those maps and insights with trusted advisers to


Control in the palm of your hand

DroneDeploy makes it quick and easy to fly your Case IH UAV, capture imagery, view and annotate maps, and then share those maps and insights to assist you in taking action. Smart, intuitive and easy software logic that provides automated flight path planning with just two taps on your iOS® or Android® device.


  • Easily make flight plans by determining the flight path, altitude, front and side image overlap and other camera settings on your device before sending the Case IH UAV into the air.
  • Multi-flight mission support and starting waypoint selection allows for continued missions and the ability for offline flight capabilities.
  • Automated preflight safety checks ensure your Case IH UAV is ready to fly before it takes off.



  • Auto-takeoff and landing ensures that the Case IH UAV starts and finishes its planned path without error.
  • Auto-flight uses your predetermined flight path to fly the drone without needing manual control.
  • When manual control is needed, disable auto-flight with a single tap and use the Live-stream first-person view (FPV) feature to control your Case IH UAV from the ground.
  • Smart autoexposure and camera setting adjustments are made automatically while in flight.


Data Capture

Gather Powerful Data From Your Fields

Taking Shapefile & GeoTIFF formats to the next level to export to your agronomic decision-making software or send to your agronomist. Apply different filters to analyze the imagery you collected to understand any problematic areas within your field that may impact yield and your bottom line.

Detect Issues
Use the imagery you collect to detect any parasites, fungi or other pests that are present in your fields. Take action quickly and reduce the impact they can have on your yields.

Evaluate Results
Evaluate results from tests you may be conducting on your farm in season to understand the impact different seed varieties and chemicals can have on your operation.

Create Field Maps
Create contour maps from collected imagery to view drainage elevations and the impact improper drainage can have on your operation.


Custom Apps To Fit Your Needs

Access to the DroneDeploy App Marketplace, where custom analysis apps are tailored to specific operations. Examples of apps that can be utilized on the Drone Deploy app store are listed below:



Plant Count and Stand Establishment: Accurately count plant stands and understand the emergence rate of your crop(s).



Livestock and Grazing Management: Easily count livestock and monitor grazing patterns.


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