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Spray Later Into The Season WIth Miller Nitro Series Sprayers
The Miller Nitro 7000 series sprayer offers industry-leading crop clearance, a large tank capacity, versatile boom options, plus a wide range of precision technology options for efficient and accurate application of crop fertility and protection products.


Comfort Zone - See your world without ever looking back

The new SprayView sprayer cab was designed specifically for the Nitro sprayer – NO COMPROMISES!   Panoramic view, full height windshield and higher door opening for tall operators.  Dual jointed tilt and telescoping steering column with foot pegs get the steering wheel to exactly where you like it.  Auto climate control, outside temperature gauge, stereo radio with a CD player, weather band, XM, blue tooth and remote radio controls. 3 monitoring screens so you have the information you need in front of you without having to constantly page through different screens – all standard.

Or step it up a notch with the SprayView Luxury cab with added features like heated and vented leather trimmed seat with auto weight adjust, leather trimmed training seat, leather wrapped steering wheel, rear camera, auto on/off headlights, rechargeable built in flash light, 110 volt outlet and even a refrigerator! 

Sight lines are superior – you can see each and every tip spray pattern without straining, as well as your front tires while entering crop rows.

The sealed cab features a variable speed pressurization fan – only runs the speed it needs to maintain the proper pressure in the cab while keep fan noise to a minimum.  Charcoal primary filtration, recirculation filter and an electronic monitoring system.


Nitro sprayers have a reputation for an exceptional ride and that ride has just gotten BETTER!!

With a 50/50 weight distribution and the Miller exclusive four-wheel independent Hydra-Link suspension, you will appreciate the smooth ride and minimum soil compaction. With all four wheels planted firmly on the ground, dropping a wheel in a mud hole and 'three-wheeling' is left to the competition as you pull through the most challenging field conditions with ease. Reduce stress and fatigue on the machine and the operator, and ensure a stable, smooth ride for the boom and precise tip-to-target applications.

New optional in cab suspension lowering system makes it quick and easy to lower the overall height of the sprayer for transporting on a truck, low shed doors or doing maintenance work.


Rear engine for outstanding weight distribution

Proven FPT reliability you can count on. The engines powering the Nitro Series sprayer are specifically tailored to meet your demanding requirements for reliability and power. All are electronically controlled and use the high-pressure Common Rail systems to ensure high torque rise.

With available engine sizes ranging from 369 hp (275 kw) and 412 hp (307 kw) we can supply power to match your terrain. The rear-mount engine provides not just better weight distribution, but easy access to engine components, all within convenient reach.

North American Nitro models are equipped with reliable FPT Tier 4B engines.  In areas of the world that Tier 4B is not required, we provide proven FPT Tier 3 versions.

Located behind the engine away from dirt and debris is the large “Single Pass” cooling system designed to allow for more efficient and cooler airflow through all four cores. This means the ambient temperature of the air passing through each core is the same, resulting in substantially better cooling capabilities.

The cooling fan is variable speed and only runs as fast as it has to keep the system at the correct operating temperature.  Saves horsepower and fuel, warms up quicker in cool weather and runs quitter.  In addition, you can equip your sprayer with an optional reversing fan to keep the intake screens clean in harsh conditions.

Get power to the ground – where you need it

Horsepower is one thing, but getting it effectively to the ground, where you need it, is another. That is why the Nitro Series uses systems to do just that.

The 7000 series Nitro’s with the 8.7 liter FPT engines feature twin Danfoss electronically controlled, H1 hydrostatic pump system.  The final drives are equipped with Danfoss H1 series electronically controlled variable displacement piston drive motors and Farifield Torque-Hub® (C026 series) planetary final drives.  They are seamlessly integrated to provide optimum drive performance.  Features include full time traction control, integrated speed limiting, cruise control, engine anti-stall, engine over rev protection and much more.  Infinite speeds between 0 to 32 mph (0 to 51 kph).  4 wheel dynamic and 4 wheel parking brakes are internal, cooled by oil and are out of the external elements for long life operation.

The operator has the ability to easily program 4 working ranges to custom fit the speeds he wants to work at.


A spray configuration that's right for you

The Nitro 7000 series offers tank and boom options that are sure to increase your productivity.

Start with the right size product tank, you have the choice of either a 1200, 1400 or 1600 gallon capacity tanks made of stainless steel.  An electrically controlled 150 gallon rinse system is standard equipment to make cleaning the spray system simple.   You can take that one step further and order the optional AutoRinse system that takes the guess work out of cleaning the spray system.  With the Auto Rinse you can do the job from in the cab or at the fill station.

Our variable-speed Hypro® centrifugal pump operates only at the level it needs to deliver your target rate, saving horsepower and preserving pump life.   When it comes to the boom choices, no one offers more factory installed boom choices than Miller.  You can choose a MonoBeam boom design in sizes from 90/60, 100/60 or 120/70 foot widths (27/18, 30/18 or 36/21 m) or choose a Truss boom design from 120/73, 132/73 or 135/73 foot widths (36/22, 40/22 or 41/22 m).

IntelliSpray - We offer IntelliSpray, which is a system that maintains a constant droplet size as ground speed changes.  IntelliSpray also gives you turn compensation and optional individual nozzle control. An added benefit is almost instantaneous on/off at the headlands.                                                                                              

Spray-Air - Or take a look at our Spray-Air air assist boom that provides unmatched droplet control in addition to impressive canopy penetration all with using a minimal amount of carrier.  The Spray-Air system also has great versatility!   You can spray conventionally if so desired for products like liquid nitrogen or you can use the air system to shake the canopy open while spraying conventionally.  The right method for the problem you are trying to solve!


*Available in the North America and Australia 7310 with Tier 4B engine in North America and Tier 2 engine in Australia
Deluxe SprayView Cab "Ultra Quiet" cab, variable speed pressurization fan, charcoal filtration (primary), recirculation filter (secondary), auto climate control, external temperature readout, AM/FM/WX w/CD , XM and blue tooth, with remote armrest controls and 4 speakers, 2-way tilt/telescope steering column with foot pegs, sun visor, cloth air ride seat with folding instructional seat, dual 7" (17.8 cm) chassis monitoring screens, overhead indicator panel for spray functions.  Audio jack, USB ports, phone charging ports and 12 volt power outlets.
Luxury SprayView Cab All standard Deluxe SprayView features PLUS:  Grammer Evolution leather trimmed operator seat with auto adjust air-ride suspension, heated and vented with power lumbar.  Leather trimmed instructional seat, leather wrap steering wheel, 12 volt cooler under instructional seat, rear camera, auto on/off head lights, integrated self-chargeable flash light, 110 volt power out let and a X-Grip for cell phone.
Engine / North America *FPT® NEF 6 - 285 hp (212 kw) 310 hp (231 kw) bulge - Tier 4B - Requires DEF fluid
Alternator / Batteries 200 Amp / three 1000 cca heavy duty batteries
Fuel Tank / DEF (if equipped) 150 gallon (568 L) / 24 gallon (91 L)
Cooling System Efficient Single Pass stacked top to bottom (not layered), variable speed hydraulically driven fan with automatic reversing option
Transmission Hydrostatic drive with electronic controlled single Danfoss 165 cc, H1 series heavy duty pump
Auxiliary Hydraulic Circuit 48 gpm (181.7 lpm) @ 3000 psi (20,684 kpa)
UltraFlo Hydraulic Pump - Optional 48 gpm (181.7 lpm) @ 3000 psi (20,684 kpa)
Speed Ranges 0 to 35 mph (0 to 56 kph) with 4 programmable speed ranges
Service Brake 4-wheel dynamic internal wet disc and oil cooled
Park Brake 4-wheel spring applied
Steering Hydrostatic with two steering cylinders with heavy duty ball joints, no tie rods
Standard 2 - Wheel Steering 18 feet (5.48 m)
Optional 4 - Wheel Steering 18 feet (5.48 m) in 2 wheel steer mode
13.5 feet (4.1 m( in 4 wheel steer mode
Tread Width / Fixed Axle 120 inches (305 cm) with 320 or 380 tires
Tread Width / Auto Adjustment 120 inch to 160 inch (305 to 406 cm) with 320 or 380 tires
HydraLink™ Suspension Electronically controlled 4-wheel independent, full suspension travel of 20 inches (51 cm), hydraulic leveling/shock absorbers, auto-leveling for each leg
Crop Clearance In cab variable height 72 to 78 inches (182.88 to 198.12 cm)
Product Tank Options 1,000 or 1,200 gallon (3,785 or 4,542 L) stainless steel with 3 inch (7.62 cm) fill connection
Rinse System Standard electric or optional AutoRinse.  150 gallon (568 L) poly tank and 2 inch (5.08 cm) fill connection
Product Pump - Standard Hypro 9306C - 210 gpm @ 80psi (795 lpm @ 5.5 bar) capacity at the pump
Product Pump - Optional High capacity Hypro 9307C - 300 gpm @ 80psi (1,135 lpm @ 5.5 bar)
Chemical Injection Option / Factory or field installed Option of up to 3 injection pumps (high or low volume) and choice of up to four 50 gal (189 L) poly tanks.  Note: Requires 1000 (3,785 L) product tank
Foam Marker Option Injection System - uses water from rinse tank - in-cab controls - 3 gallon (11.3 L) foam concentrate tank
Boom options / MonoBeam 90/60, 100/60 or 120/70 foot widths (27/18, 30/18 or 36/21 m)
Boom options / Truss 120/73, 132/73 or 135/73 foot widths (36/22, 40/22 or 41/22 m)
On/Off Valves or Boom Sections 90 or 100 foot booms - choice of 5 or 10 on/off valves 
120 & 135 foot booms - 10 on/off valves
132 foot boom - choice of 10 or 12 on/off valves
Nozzle Body Options for MonoBeam and Truss Boom TeeJet 3 way, 3 plus 1 and 5 way
IntelliSpray Option Available on MonoBeam and Truss booms.  Includes 36 virtual sections and turn compensation
Boom option / Spray-Air 90/60, 100/60 or 120/73 foot widths (27/18, 30/18 or 36/22 m)
Boom Travel (transom) 100 inches (254 cm)
Boom Lift Range MonoBeam Boom - 17 to 117 inches (43.2 to 297.2 cm) with suspension set at 75 inches
Truss Boom - 25 to 125 inches (63.5 to 317.5 cm) with suspension set at 75 inches
AutoSteer Ready Yes
Spray Controller Option / Factory installed Raven Viper 4+ with RS1 steering control
Wheelbase With crop clearance setting of 75 inches (190.5 cm) wheel base is 151 inches (383.5 cm)
Dimensions (Shipping) Height / 153 inches (388.6 cm) 
Width / MonoBeam boom - 163 inches (414 cm)
Width / Truss boom - 183 inches (464.8 cm)
Length / varies depending upon boom options
Shipping Weight (weights can and do vary depending upon options) 7310 / 1,000 gallon / 2 wheel steer / 100 foot boom - 28,700 lbs. (13,018 kg)
7310 / 1,000 gallon / 4 wheel steer / 100 foot boom - 29,700 lbs. (13,471 kg)
7310 / 1,200 gallon / 2 wheel steer / 100 foot boom - 29,000 lbs. (13,154 kg)
7310 / 1,200 gallon / 4 wheel steer / 100 foot boom - 30,000 lbs. (13,607 kg)
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