Case IH Patriot 3240

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Make the Most of Every Plant's Potential

Application Quality
Patriot sprayers deliver the right rate and droplet size not only across the entire boom, but also the entire field. A stable spray platform delivers prod​uct consistently across varied condi​tions. Skips and overlaps are minimized with automatic boom section control and guidance.​​​

To maximize your crop’s yield potential, product needs to be applied at the right agronomic moment. The cab-forward, rear-engine Patriot sprayer design means ​even weight distribution across the machine, getting growers into the field earlier while causing less soil compaction and maximizing on tight operating windows.​

In-Field Performance
Our application technology, engineering and expertise combine to help you keep your fields clean and plants healthy — all with the goal of maximizing yield potential. With Case IH FTP engines, Patriot sprayers offer proven power and durability to work as long and hard as you do at spraying time.​

When It Comes to Chemical Delivery, Make Sure Your Equipment Delivers.
Both growers and commercial applicators know that timeliness and application quality are critical. Most often, you're facing long days and short application windows. That's why you need a sprayer that optimizes your time and provides accuracy in any conditions. Patriot sprayers offer the most advanced spray technology on the market. Agronomically designed with function in mind, Patriot sprayers allow you to do your job quickly but efficiently every time.

Spray when you have to

  • The cab-forward, rear-engine design provides more equal weight distribution across the machine.
  • Light footprint gets you into fields earlier for more timely application with less soil compaction.
  • Optional 360-degree lighting package adds hours to your day.
  • Optimum use of efficient horsepower means you can cover more acres faster.


Long hours won't feel so long

The Patriot sprayer’s Surveyor™ cab offers:

  • Exceptional space to work in which allows the operators to stretch out their legs.
  • Vast amounts of cab glass and a well-thought-out cab design offer unrestricted visibility to the front and sides.
  • Superior visibility helps when traveling down the field or maneuvering around obstacles.
  • A gun sight on the front hood that helps you line up your pathway.
  • A seat-mounted control console moves with the seat for near-effortless operation of sprayer controls.
  • The AFS Pro 700 color display can be mounted on the control console or on a separate mounting bar, allowing for line-of-sight visibility of rate control and guidance functions.


Spray better

  • AFS AccuGuide™ automated guidance helps reduce skips and overlaps.
  • AutoBoom™ automatic boom height control maintains optimum spray height for better coverage.
  • AIM Command FLEX™ advanced spray technology delivers consistent, flexible and accurate application, regardless of speed and terrain.
  • Use a single tip for multiple applications.


Maximize your uptime

  • Maintenance is simple.
  • Routine maintenance items are located on one side of the machine and easily accessed.
  • Saves time, so maintenance is less likely to be skipped when things get busy.
  • Our booms are designed for maximum strength, unequaled durability and unmatched reliability.
  • All Patriot sprayers feature a welded one-piece tubular frame design and simple but durable trailing-link suspension.


Distinctive Appearance, Unmatched Performance
The "cab-forward, rear-engine" configuration gives Case IH Patriot sprayers their distinctive look and their performance edge. This design puts the static weight of the cab and engine over the front and rear axles. The dynamic weight of the product tank is in the center of the machine, so there is more even weight distribution between the axles when the tank is full and the booms are out. Even weight distribution allows for less rutting and soil compaction in any weather condition.

Superior suspension

  • The aircraft-style trailing link suspension provides a smooth ride across any field.
  • Absorbs both vertical and lateral shock loads in ways no other suspension package can.
  • Optional active suspension is perfect to make light work of hilly terrain.


Even weight distribution

  • The cab-forward, rear-engine design allows the machine to provide an extremely light footprint, yet maintain powerful performance.
  • The even weight distribution allows you to get into the field sooner and on to the next with less rutting and soil compaction.


Heavy-duty frame

  • Constructed of welded, one-piece rectangular steel tubing.
  • Engineered for durability and long service life.
  • The rigid, low-deflection frame not only protects the cab, product tank and power plant from field loads, but also provides a stable attachment point for the sprayer's booms.


Heavy-duty boom construction

  • Engineered for toughness and rigidity.
  • Large, rectangular tube structure and a truss-style design with fewer but larger support members are the basis for boom strength and durability.
  • Independent right and left booms, plus full boom and boom tip breakaway features, are designed to respond to tough field stress loads.


Get Ultimate Spray Control with AIM Command FLEX®
AIM Command FLEX advanced spray technology precisely controls product flow and spray pressure to optimize application rate, spray coverage and accuracy over a range of speeds and field conditions. This new system delivers the ultimate in sprayer control to help you get the most out of every tankful, every hour and every acre.

How AIM Command FLEX works

  • Pulse width modulation (PWM) spray technology ensures constant application rate and pressure.
  • Working at 10 pulses per second, nozzle valves vary the duty cycle to maintain the correct application rate, even as speed changes.
  • The system maintains consistent rate and pressure at speed ranges up to 8:1 with properly sized tips.


Precise, flexible control

  • AIM Command FLEX operates 36 separate “virtual” boom sections, delivering greater spray accuracy.
  • The ability to control more boom sections helps reduce over-application that adds costs and potential crop damage.
  • To accommodate wheel tracks, fence rows or other field conditions, you can pre-set spray rates up to 30 percent higher than your target rate on up to eight nozzles.


On-demand drift control

  • Pre-set two spray pressures and toggle between them while spraying.
  • For example, set one pressure for desired droplet size. Dial in a second setting at lower pressure for selective drift control in sensitive areas.
  • Or operators can set a higher pressure for the second setting to achieve greater canopy penetration when drift is not a concern.


Compensate for turns

  • AIM Command FLEX automatically adjust rates across the boom during field curves and turns.
  • System prevents over- or under-application caused when opposing ends of the boom travel at different rates during turns.
  • Each nozzle adjusts for speed, nozzle position on the boom and the arc or turn radius.


Instant on/off

  • Reach target rate and spray pressure immediately after nozzles are turned on.
  • There is no pressure bleed-down or nozzle dribble at turn-off that can lead to over-application.


Nozzle valve diagnostics

  • With a nozzle valve diagnostic system, AIM Command gives you peace of mind that you’ll be able to spot malfunctioning nozzles.
  • The system alerts you immediately if a valve quits working or a wire becomes unplugged.
  • In-cab display alerts and LED indicator lights on each nozzle help you identify problem nozzles quickly and easily.


Simple, one-screen operation

  • AIM Command FLEX operates through the sprayer’s rate controller — either the AFS Pro 700 or Case IH Viper 4+.
  • Monitor and adjust application rate, spray pressure, boom status, tank volume and other operations, all from one display.
  • ISO Virtual Terminal (VT) compatible for system flexibility.


Accurate spray mapping

  • Export application data in the Shapefile format with the Case IH Viper 4+ display and in the Taskdata format with the AFS Pro 700 display, both data formats can be easily imported into AFS Mapping and Records for further analysis
  • Generate as-applied maps and application reports for each field or farm.
  • System recognizes internal and external boundaries, along with no-spray zones.


Want greater precision?

  • Upgraded AIM Command FLEX achieves the highest spray accuracy and efficiency.
  • Individual Nozzle Swath Overlap Control
  • Optional upgrade allows on-off control of individual nozzles through the Viper 4+ controller.
  • No additional hardware required; simply purchase the upgrade at time of equipment order or delivery.


Designed With You in Mind
When application windows are narrow and every hour in the field counts, operator comfort isn't a luxury it's a necessity. That's why Patriot sprayers are designed to let operators work longer with less fatigue. The distance between cab and engine makes for an exceptionally quiet ride. The curved front windshield offers a wide vista of tinted glass and puts the operator in control. Ergonomically designed, line-of-sight instrumentation positions critical operating functions right up front, leaving the operator free to focus on the work at hand. The pressurized cabs keep the inside air clean and fresh while the automatic temperature control (standard on the Patriot 4440; optional on the Patriot 3240 and 3340) plus sunshades keep the operator cool and comfortable.

Take absolute control
Sprayer control switches are ergonomically placed — attached directly to the operator's seat. The most commonly used controls are placed on the hydrostatic control lever for one handed operation. The cab features:

  • Instructional seat
  • Optima air-ride seat
  • Tilt and telescoping steering column
  • A-post gauges and readouts
  • AFS Pro 700 or Case IH Viper 4+ touch screen monitor
  • Wheel track adjustment (under armrest cover)
  • Right-hand control console
  • Hydrostatic control lever
  • Climate controls


Have a seat

  • The Patriot air-ride seat is adjustable for position, ride firmness and lumbar support.
  • An exclusive 40-degree, right-hand swivel seat gives you a 180-degree full field of vision (4440 Model).
  • The instructional seat can be folded when not in use to provide a convenient workstation with cup holders (4440 Model).


Enjoy full visibility

  • Choose the optional single camera selection on your sprayer to easily monitor center-section-mounted spray nozzles from the cab.
  • Add two additional cameras for visibility of the boom-mounted nozzles you can’t see otherwise.
  • If desired, cameras can be mounted in a variety of locations to monitor traffic during transport, watch your tires while traveling down the field rows or monitor other customer-preferred views.


The Forces in Balance
The Case IH engineers who design Patriot sprayers know you're looking for the perfect balance. You want all the power you'll ever need, and at the same time a sprayer with a long, economical service life. There's no mystery to make that happen, just good solid science. Simply match the engine size and horsepower rating to the machine and its drivetrain, and you're good to go. Case IH FPT diesel engines are the driving force behind every Patriot sprayer, providing optimum field efficiency and maximum horsepower to the ground.

Patriot 4440 sprayer with 8.7-litre engine

  • Features an 8.7L Case IH FPT engine with a base horsepower rating of 335 hp and peak horsepower of 374 hp at 2000 rpm
  • Signifies a greater than 12% increase in both base and peak horsepower ratings compared to previous models
  • Peak torque increases from 1,020 ft-lbs to 1,143 ft-lbs at 1500 rpm, a greater than 5% improvement.


Patriot 3340, 3240 & 2250 proven 6.7L Engine
These inline power plants provide optimum field efficiency and maximum horsepower to the ground in even the toughest field conditions. Featuring a 6.7L Case IH FPT inline 6-cylinder turbocharged, after-cooled, electronically controlled diesel engine

  • The Patriot 3340 engine produces 285 rated hp (309 peak)
  • The Patriot 3240 engine produces 250 rated hp (270 peak)
  • The Patriot 2250 engine produces 175 rated hp (190 peak)


Hydrostatic drive system

  • Features a parallel, cross-flow design using heavy duty variable displacement pumps and drive motors
  • If a wheel slip or spin occurs, the traction assist feature provides sufficient oil to opposing wheels to power through that tough field condition


More Time to Spray, Every Day

Time spent on maintenance is time away from the field. Patriot sprayers feature a one-stop service center that lets you perform all tendering functions from a single location. Connections are provided to make it easy to fill tanks from ground level. Large plumbing hoses, direct hose routings and minimal fittings and connections are standard, making tank fill time shorter. Case IH Patriot sprayers are designed to get maintenance out of the way quickly and efficiently... and get you back in the field ASAP.

  • An open architecture design allows easy access to components under the sprayer frame
  • Ladders, walkways and platforms make it easy to access service points higher up
  • Infield service is no problem


Easy-access eductor

  • The easy-access stainless steel eductor is designed for simple, efficient operation.
  • The chemical eductor lowers to waist level, then stores conveniently out of the way.


Easy-open hoods

  • Lightweight, easy-open hoods on the Patriot sprayer models give you unrestricted access to service items
  • Allows for quicker checks or service and gets you back in the field sooner
  • Enhancing the machine's productivity



  • The hood is fixed in location and has a dedicated opening for filling diesel fuel quickly
  • A flip open cover allows easy access for DEF fluid filling
  • Fuel tanks are sized to allow for a full day of spraying, up to 140 gallons.


How Wide is the Range of Boom Options? Pretty Wide.
Case IH offers choices of boom widths and options to fit any application each one built with the rugged and durable parallel-link design for years of solid service. Patriot sprayers' advanced boom and boom suspension design provide superior strength without excessive weight and a wide range of spray heights for various crops and conditions, while also maintaining boom position at all speeds. That means that even in high speed turns, the boom tips won't "dig" in.​


  • AutoBoom automatic boom height control detects changes in terrain and adjusts the booms accordingly.
  • This decreases operator fatigue and wear and tear on the machine and increases the accuracy and coverage of the applications.
  • Configure your AutoBoom system with additional ultrasonic sensors or gauge wheels to maintain a level spray platform. This will provide the best possible application and maximize boom life.


AutoFold Plus

  • AutoFold Plus fold/unfold feature is part of the Case IH 120 ft (36.5 m) spray boom package.
  • With the touch of a switch, the inner, mid and outer boom sections arecompletely unfolded and the center section height is lowered to its most recent setting— in about 30 seconds.
  • The return-to-height feature eliminates guesswork about boom height when moving from field to field.



  • AccuBoom automatic boom section control automatically turns off boom sections when the sprayer enters an area that has already been sprayed and then turns the sections back on when leaving the applied area
  • AccuBoom can be utilized on Patriot sprayers equipped with the Case IH Viper 4+ or AFS Pro 700 rate controller and a GPS system


Parallel-Link Design

  • Patriot booms offer greater durability and longer service life.
  • The parallel-link design delivers the versatility growers need with a 60­-inch range of motion for the 3240/3340/4440 models and a 63-­inch range of motion for 2250, for spraying pre-­plant, post-­tassel, or anytime in between.​​


AIM AccuPlacer™

  • Easily convert your self-propelled sprayer into side-dress fertilizer machine to ensure your crops get nitrogen when they need it most. 
  • ​Lightweight, durable aluminum drops let you outfit full booms with less structural stress.
  • ​​Flexible rubber hose at the bottom of each stick trails between rows, placing nutrients within 3 inches of the crop and in soft soil to be absorbed quickly. ​


Model Patriot 3240 (2014-Present)
Solution System  
Solution system tank, gal (L) 800 (3028)
Solution tank material Stainless steel or poly
Solution Fill connection, in (mm) 3 (76) Left side; Front fill optional
Solution pump Centrifugal-hydraulic motor driven
Other Tanks and Containers  
Rinse tank, gal (L) 112 (424)
Hand wash tank, gal (L) 4.5 (17) starting January, 2015
Foam marker tank, gal (L) 55 (208)
Chemical eductor Optional, stainless steel
Engine fuel tank, gal (L) 120 (454)
Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) tank, gal (L) 21 (79)
Hydraulic reservoir, gal (L) 29 (110)
Dry material box option in place of tank No
Boom location, front or rear Rear
Boom width option, minimum, ft (m) 60/90 (18.3/27.4)
Boom width option, intermediate, ft (m) No intermediate
Boom width option, maximum, ft (m) 60/100 (18.3/30.5)
Boom sections 5 or 6 w/90; 6 w/100; or 36 w/AIM Command FLEX
Ground height adjustment, in (cm) 24 to 84 (61 to 213)
Boom breakaway angle, degrees 30 full boom
Wingtip breakaway, ft-in (m) 5' 6" (1.7) w/90 ft.; 10' 6" (3.2) w/100 ft.
Nozzle spacing, in (cm) 20 (50.8) off-center or 20-30 (50.8-76.2) with 30 (76.2) on-center
Engine position (front or rear) Rear
Engine Make Case IH FPT
Engine Model NEF 6.7
Rated power, hp (kW) 250 (187)
Peak power, hp (kW) 270 (201)
Emission Tier Level Tier 4 B/Final
Peak Torque, ft-lb (Nm) 855 (1160)
Number of cylinders 6
Displacement, cu in (L) 409 (6.7)
Alternator Amps 175
Drive Train  
Drive System description Hydrostatic
Number of speed ranges Infinitely variable
Maximum travel speed, mph (kph) 30 (48)
Wheel drive (2WD, 4WD) Full-time 4WD
Primary Service Brake Drive system dynamic braking
Secondary Service Brake Dry disks on front wheels
Parking Brake Spring-applied hydraulic released wet disc, all wheels
Cab position Forward of front wheels
Cab glass area, sq ft (sq m) 68.5 (6.36)
Operator seat description Optima Air w/swivel; heated/ventilated leather opt.
Instructional seat Standard
Sprayer control AIM Command FLEX, using Case IH AFS Pro 700 or Case IH Viper 4+
Crop clearance, in (cm) w/ std tires 52 (132)
Wheel track spacing, in (cm) 120 to 157 (305 to 399)
Wheel track adjustment method Hydraulic, from cab
Wheelbase, in (cm) 150 (381)
Turning radius, ft-in (m) 23' 3" (7.1) from center of rear axle
Steering system 2WS, Hydraulic
Suspension description Trailing-link w/coil spring & shock std; Active susp. opt.
Suspension travel, total, in (mm) Approx. 11 (279)
Standard row-crop tire 380/85R46
Optional row-crop tire 1 380/90R46
Optional row-crop tire 2 320/90R46 or 480/80R42
Flotation tire 520/85R38
Optional flotation tire 650/65R38
Overall dimensions, boom folded  
Overall Length, ft-in (m) 28' 10" (8.8)
Overall Height, ft-in (m) 12' 0" (3.7)
Overall Width, ft-in (m), wheels retracted 11' 6" (3.51)
Overall Width, ft-in (m), wheels extended 14' 7" (4.45)
Dry Weight  
Weight w/ shortest boom, lb (kg) 23,480 (10650)
Weight w/ intermediate boom, lb (kg) No intermediate
Weight w/ widest boom, lb (kg) 23,480 (10650)
Sales Literature  
Literature Number CIH07271601
Literature Date 7/1/2016
Other Documentation  
Document Number Operator's Manual 47764169
Document Date 12/1/2014
Entry Date  
Manufacturing status Current
First Entry Date 9/30/2013
Revision Date 10/23/2014;12/17/2015; 2/20/2017; 4/19/2017; 12/12/2017
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