Case IH 600 Forage Blower

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High Speed Auger


  • The high-speed, direct-feeding auger is positioned at a 30-degree angle to the blower
  • Quickly moves material from the 37 in (940-mm)-wide hopper
  • Smoothly transitions material from hopper to blower
  • Breaks up crop slugs and eliminates plugging​


High-speed, 12 in (305 mm) - Diameter Feed Auger

  • Smoothly and evenly delivers crop to blower
  • No bridging or plugging of the blower​


Room to Maneuver

Wide Hopper

  • The wide, 37in (940-mm) hopper extends 20 in (508 mm) past the blower housing
  • Provides ample room for maneuvering wagons into position
  • Easy access to the hopper speeds up unloading time
  • Flexible wind deflectors prevent spillage at the blower​


Easily Adjust Hopper Height

  • From 20.5 in (521 mm) to 27.5 in (699 mm) to match the height of different wagons.​​


Individually Adjustable Wheels

  • Allow you to level the blower at the silo and raise it for transport.​


Blower Fan
Keeps Material Moving

Paddle Tip Speed of 8,460 Ft Per Minute

The 60 in (1,524 mm)-diameter blower fan has a paddle tip speed of 8,460 ft per minute (2,579 m/min) to keep material moving.

  • Unload corn silage at speeds up to 180 tons per hour (163 mt/hr)
  • Unload haylage at speeds up to 110 tons per hour (100 mt/hr)​​​​​​


Proper Water Placement

Increased Blower Efficiency

The Case IH Model 600 forage blower features a water inlet flange that allows for proper water placement. This increases blower efficiency by removing the plant juices that gum up the blower and housing.​​


Capacity Corn silage per hour - Up to 180 tons/hour (163mt./hr.)
Haylage per hour - Up to 110 tons/hour (100 mt./hr.)
Blowing height (haylage) - Over 100 ft. (30 m)
Tractor Requirements 60 (45) PTO hp (kW) minimum
PTO 540 rpm
Driveline protection Shearbolt
Housing diameter 60 in. (1524 mm
Number of paddles 8 adjustable
Paddle tip speed 8,460 ft./min. (2579 m/min)
Drive Direct PTO
Feeder type Auger
Auger diameter 12 in. (305 m
Width 37 in. (940 mm)
Rim height Adjustable from 20.5 to 27.5 in. (521 to 699 mm)
Length 108 in. (2743 mm)
Width 100 in. (2540 mm
Weight 1,605 lbs. (728 kg)
Size 4.80-8 "C" load range
Optional equipment Pipe clamp, Kwik pipe bundle, Telescoping pipe section, Hinged deflector
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