Case IH 3020 Flexible Auger

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  • Top frame beam is an impressive 6” X 6” in size.
  • The entire frame construction is fully welded, with welded-in back sheets.
  • The auger floor is 4mm thick and fully welded.
  • Frame is designed to handle the toughest harvest conditions.

Header Drive

  • PTO shaft(s) transfer shaft driven power to both the auger and knife drive(s).
  • Knife drive(s) are then driven with a heavy duty belt.
  • Auger is driven with a heavy #80 chain.


  • Before the crop engages the reel or cutterbar, it must first be divided by the header.
  • The 3020 header incorporates poly crop dividers that have a simple but very effective design.
  • The dividers gently present the most down and tangled crop to the reel and cutterbar while positively following ground terrain.

Divider Types

  • All 3020 headers are standard equipped with a medium length crop divider that is recommended for most crop conditions.
  • In tough conditions, such as tall and viney crops, an optional long crop divider is available.
  • Optional rod crop dividers are avialable.


Knife: Achieve Excellent Cut Quality

Reel Finger Timing

  • The guard and knife, along with the rest of the cutterbar, ensure that down and tangled crop is picked up and properly cut
  • The 3020 header comes standard with a 3-inch fine cut knife and guard
  • The 3 inch knife provides excellent cut quality while promote high cutting speeds


Knife Drive

  • Standard on all headers is a single heavy-duty high capacity wobble box knife drive
  • The knife drive is belt driven from the left side of the head
  • The 30 & 35 foot headers can be ordered with a dual knife drive
  • The dual knife drive is recommended in heavy crop or when cutting across rows


Skid Shoes

  • Reel positions sensors are located on both reel up/down and fore/aft
  • Just as important as the cutterbar suspension are the skid shoes that support the cutterbar
  • The 3020 header incorporates the same proven skid shoes used on the prior 1020 header
  • The short profile allows the shoes to follow constantly changing ground conditions
  • Since the pressure from the cutterbar is only spread over a small area on the skid shoes, it will prevent the header from “pushing” in soft or muddy conditions


Cutterbar: Superior TerraFlex Suspension System

TerraFlex™ Suspension System

  • One of the most impressive features of the 3020 header, setting it apart from other auger heads is the TerraFlex suspension system
  • Suspension design is the key to proper cutting in soft, muddy or hard field conditions
  • With fewer mo​ving parts and reduced friction the cutterbar is reliable and responsive
  • Provides flexible range of movement using a simple torsion block control
  • Cutterbar has 3 inches up and 3 inches down of travel


Rigid Cutterbar Mode

  • For cutting off the ground in crops such as wheat, the cutterbar can be locked rigid 
  • Cutterbar is locked rigid​ by moving a simple locking pin on each suspension arm
  • This versatility also you to have a flexible cutterbar for cutting on the ground and a rigid when cutting off


Manually Adjustable Cutterbar

  • Ground pressure is controlled and maintained by a fully adjustable Case IH TerraFlex torsion block
  • Located between the main frame and the support arm
  • Adjusted by manual adjustment screws on the back side of the header


In-cab Cutterbar Adjustment

  • Rather than having to actually stop the combine, get out, and manually adjust each bolt individually, the operator is able to chan​ge the down pressure on the cutterbar instantly from the comfort of the cab
  • Adjustments are easily made from the cab while harvesting to accommodate ever-changing ground conditions


Auger: Smooth, Easy Feeding


  • To promote grain quality and smooth, consistent crop feeding, the 3020 header uses a large 26-inch diameter auger
  • Auger features 5-inch deep flighting to gently convey the crop from the cutterbar to the feeder


Auger Floor

  • All 3020 Heads include as standard equipment a stainless steel auger floor for smooth, easy feeding
  • The transition from the cutterbar to the auger floor provides an easy flow of crop over the front floor dam into the auger trough


Auger Floor

  • All 3020 Heads include as standard equipment a stainless steel auger floor for smooth, easy feeding
  • The transition from the cutterbar to the auger floor provides an easy flow of crop over the front floor dam into the auger trough


Auger Adjustment

  • The 3020 header promotes crop and header adaptability with a fully adjustable auger
  • To fit the customer’s harvest needs, the auger can be adjusted both vertically and horizontally


Pick-up Reel

Six Bat Reel

  • The Case IH 3020 six bat reel positively engages the crop, and then gently lifts the crop over the cutterbar to the auger
  • Reel design and gentle crop engagement is imperative to ensure proper feeding and cutting
  • The reel design promotes increased grain savings and grain quality with gentle crop handling​


Reel Options

  • There are two tine options available for the 3020 header
  • Plastic reel tines are recommended for most crop types and conditions
  • For more demanding conditions, such as rice and tough down crop, steel tines are available


Reel Position Sensors

  • Reel positions sensors are located on both reel up/down and fore/aft
  • When a new header height is set the reel will be programmed to the set height as well
  • Allows for a short bean and a tall bean setting for the reel
  • Proper reel position increases grain savings, combine productivity and reduces operator fatigue


Reel Finger Timing

  • The reel finger timing is adjustable on all 3020 headers
  • Timing is adjustable with a simple lever and wrench
  • This provides the customer the ability to tailor reel feeding based on crop types and conditions


Model 3020 Flex Auger
Cutting width, ft in (m) 20, 25, 30, 35 (6.10, 7.62, 9.14, 10.67)
Rigid or Flex Flex
Vertical Flex Range, in (mm) 6 (152)
Automatic Header Height Control Standard w/ lateral tilt; Opt w/ rigid
Sickle Cutterbar  
Single or double knife Single knife
Knife width 3 (76.2)
Knife drive Single drive std all widths; Dual drive opt 30', 35'
Knife speed, strokes per minute 2 x 575 = 1150
Number of bats or tine bars 6 tine bars
Tine material Plastic or steel
Reel diameter, in (mm) 42 (1067)
Reel speed, rpm 5 to 61
Auger diameter, in (mm) 26 (660)
Auger Speed, rpm 147
Weight, 20' width, lb (kg) 4,242 (1924)
Weight, 22' width, lb (kg) Width not offered
Weight, 25' width, lb (kg) 5,302 (2405)
Weight, 30' width, lb (kg) 6,362 (2886)
Weight, 35' width, lb (kg) 6,760 (3066)
Weight, 40' width, lb (kg) Width not offered
Sales Literature  
Literature number CIH6031001
Literature date 6/1/2010
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Manual number GH-2123-11
Manual date 8/1/2011
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First Entry Date 8/1/2012
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