Case IH L106

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Faster Cycle Times for More Productive Work Days

L10 series loaders deliver features that help make livestock feeding, material handling and other loader work more efficient. Faster cycle times, due to faster hydraulics or the ability to see better and move more nimbly, can help you get more work done, quicker.



Rugged Durability Meets Excellent Visibility

Our newly designed L10 Series Loaders were developed with the operator in mind, featuring better visibility, faster operation, improved lift heights and working angles - all on a stronger, lighter framework.


Rugged Durability

Built on the Case IH reputation for rugged durability, we’ve found ways to make the L10 series loaders even stronger. A chamfered and embossed arm design increases strength. Cast and forged components add even more strength at critical stress points, helping to ensure lasting reliability and a lower cost of ownership.


Better Visibility

A curved arm design, along with a low knee and cross-tube positioning, help provide a 30 percent increase in field of vision when the loader is in transport position. This design matches the modern styling of Case IH tractors and provides easy access for routine tractor maintenance. Smart hose routing and protective covers help keep hydraulic lines out of the way and from interfering with sight lines.



Quick, Tool-Free Connections

No loader is easier to mount and dismount than an L10 series loader — it can be mounted or removed from the tractor in a minute or less. No tools required, or loose parts to worry about.


Clear Pin Engagement Confirmation
Get clear visual confirmation of pin engagement from the tractor seat via a green marker on the inside of the bearing box.

Automatic Implement Locking
Make quick work of attachment changeout thanks to safe, ergonomic and automatic implement locking

Quick Release Hydraulic Couplers
Speed up connect and disconnect times. Our best-in-class hydraulic quick release couplers simplify hookup of hydraulic-operated attachments — even under pressure.



Reduce Operating Costs with Optimized Hydraulics

When you have hundreds of bales to move, saving a few seconds per lift adds up. L10 loaders feature larger ports on the hydraulic cylinders to help optimize oil flow to better match the increased hydraulic capacities of today’s tractors. More-efficient oil flow means the hydraulic system performs faster while generating less heat and using less fuel, resulting in lower operating costs.



Enjoy a Smoother Ride

Long days on the tractor seem only to get longer when your loader dishes out a beating. Case IH SoftRide loader suspension smooths the bumps of heavy loader work. Accumulators on L10 series loaders provide rapid oil movement and rapid response to any bumps in the road or across the field. This dampening, which can be electrically switched on or off, helps reduce operator fatigue while preserving the loader’s longevity.


  • Lift Capacity Max Height @ pivot pins: 4,079 - 5,335 lbs (1,850 - 2,420 kg)
  • Boom Breakout Force @ pivot pins: 5,291 - 6,989 lbs (2,400 - 3,170 kg)
  • Raise time: 3.7 - 4.1 seconds​
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