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Focus on Feed Quality

The DC3 series disc mower conditioners provide industry leading cut and crimp for superior hay quality and optimal windrow formation.

Optimal Cut and Crimp for Highest Quality Hay

  • Low-profile cutterbar with wide dics cut closer and cleaner to encourage faster crop regrowth
  • Agronomic design improvements help maintain harvest quality and retain nutrients
  • Updated cutterbar improves crop flow and delivers more even windrows
  • Consistently faster and more even dry down thanks to the industry-leading conditioning roll widths


Designed for Easy, Uninterrupted Use

  • Easy machine adjustments provide the flexibility to meet individual and varied crop preparation standards
  • No-tools adjustment of conditioners, swath doors and swath boards for an easy in-field adjustments
  • Lightweight, impact-resistance access doors provide simplified access for any adjustment
  • Maintenance is minimized thanks to fewer discs and a simplified drive system
  • More counter-roatating discs provide efficient crop feeding into conditioners


Ready When You Need It

  • Added durability thanks to larger gears, bearings and interconnecting shafts
  • Modular cutterbar design provides superior lubrication compared to competitive systems, and eliminates cross-contamination if an internal failure were to occur
  • Shock protection system saves time and money when obstacles are encountered
  • Simplified drive system with fewer parts

Long-lasting Durability

The cutterbar on the new DC3 series mower conditioners will feature the same large disc cutterbar system featured on the RD3 series disc headers for the WD3 series DC3 disc mower conditioners. The combination of larger disc diameters and wider conditioning systems allows the crop to move rearward off the cutterbar sooner to improve crop flow and windrow consistency in tall crops

Large Disc Cutterbar

Customer benefits include:

  • Larger gears, bearings and interconnecting shafts for greater durability
  • Larger and heavier components allow for heavier shock protection system reducing disc failures
  • Larger diameter discs provide lower cut heights at reduced tilt angle resulting in consistent cut height without scalloping
  • Larger diameter discs create a smooth and shorter transition of crop flow to the conditioning system for improved windrow formation
  • Reduced number of discs means fewer moving parts and lower potential maintenance costs


Elimination of Co-rotating Discs

  • Conditioner - 125" wide; Disc Diameter - 24.3"
  • Aids in the elimination of co-rotating discs on a 13 ft model and one set on the 16 ft model


Generate High Quality Feed to Maximize Your Profits

Large Disc Cutterbar

  • Close to a 1-to-1 ratio cut width to conditioning width as requested by the customers (DC133 only)
  • Wider conditioners equate to thinner crop mat passing through conditioning system for improved consistent and thorough crop conditioning for faster dry down
  • Allows for wider swath and greater sun exposure for improved natural dry down
  • Reduced crop travel between cutterbar and conditioners minimizing plugging, especially in cane, energy and high-volume crops
  • Aids in the elimination of co-rotating discs on a 13 ft model and one set on the 16 ft model​


Simplified Drivelines and Shielding

  • Driveshaft to left-hand end only for reduced clutter and cost, and more robust appearance
  • Swivel gearbox does not require steering link; PTO shafts maintain perfect alignment
  • Poly, bi-fold upper shielding is: lighter and provides easier access more damage resistant damaged resistant if a shield is inadvertently left open and the unit is pivoted​


Model DC163 (2014-Present)
Tongue Type Center Pivot
Cutter Bar  
Cutting Width, ft in (m) 16' (4.88)
Cutting Height, in (mm) 0.79 to 2.7 (20 to 69) std; up to 7.8 (198) opt.
Cutter Bar Tilt Angle, degrees -2 to -10
Cutter Bar Lubrication Modular
Number of Discs 10
Number of Knives per Disc 2
Disc Speed, rpm 2250
Disc Cutting Diameter, in (mm) 24.3 (618)
Disc Drive Components Bevel gears
Flotation Vertical and radial, adjustable springs
Windrow / Swath Width, ft-in (m) Windrow 3' to 8' (0.91 to 2.4); Swath 10' to 13' (3 to 4)
Conditioner Type Roll or Flail
Conditioner Drive 4 HB V-belt & enclosed gears
Roll Conditioner  
Roll Length, in (mm) 125 (3175)
Roll Diameter, in (mm) 10.38 (264)
Roll Speed, rpm 750 or 640
Roll Material Type Molded rubber
Alternate Roll Material type Steel
Roll Surface Pattern, standard Chevron intermeshing
Flail Conditioner  
Rotor Length, in (mm) 125 (3175)
Rotor Diameter, in (mm) 22 (560)
Rotor Speed, rpm 1042 std; 752 opt.
Number of Flails 120
Flail Shape Tapered
Tractor Requirements  
Tractor PTO Minimum Hp (kW) 100 (75)
PTO Rated Speed, rpm 1000
Hookup to Tractor drawbar Swivel fastened to drawbar, optional
Hookup to Tractor Hitch Lift Arms Swivel on 2-point hitch lift arms optional
Tractor Hitch size Category 2 or 3 drawbar, or Cat. 3, 3-pt hitch
Number of Hydraulic Remotes 2
Hydraulic Relief Pressure, psi (bar) 1500 (103.4)
Transport Width, ft-in (m) 16' 7" (5.05)
Transport Length, ft-in (m) 31' (9.45) drawbar; 32' (9.75) 2-point
Transport Height, ft-in (m) 7' 5" (2.26)
Ground Clearance, in (mm) 16.2 (411)
Weight w/ Roll Conditioner, lbs (kg) 6,700 (3039) rubber rolls; 6,800 (3084) steel rolls
Weight w/ Flail Conditioner, lbs (kg) np
Tire Size 12.5Lx15, 8PR
Sales Literature  
Literature number DC133, DC163 Spreadsheet
Literature date 3/1/2015
Other Documentation  
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Document Date --
Entry Date  
Manufacturing Status Current
First Entry Date 7/25/2013
Revision Date 3/11/2015
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