Case IH WD1504

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WD1504 Highlights

Efficient Power
Equipped with our exclusive SCR-technology to meet Tier 4 B/Final emissions requirements

Proven in the field
​Minimum of 10% operating cost advantage compared to similar Tier 3 windrowers, based on field tests

Power-Packed Engine
​4-cylinder, 4.5 L engine with mechanical fuel injection

Industry's Highest Road Speeds
​Road speeds at 24 mph, the industry's highest

Updated Hydraulic Steering System
Reduced number of linkages required, creating tighter and more responsive steering

Advanced Farming Systems
​Integrated Pro 700 AFS control center to manage autoguidance functions and windrower performance

Higher Capacity Farming

  • The Dual Circuit Hydraulic System results in faster cutting speeds while maintaining a clean cut and a well formed windrows in draper applications
  • Road speeds of up to 24 mph allows you to get from field to field faster
  • Independent rear axle suspension allows you to travel at faster ground speeds without sacrificing harvest quality and operator comfort
  • Cover more acres in less time with a 40-foot draper header


Straightforward Operation

  • Integrated AFS AccuGuide autoguidance simplifies steering
  • AFS Pro 700 control center display controls guidance and machine functions and serves as a performance monitor
  • Hydraulic steering provides tighter control while retaining light-touch steering
  • Simplified flotation system allows adjustments to be made on the fly
  • Easy header hook up with wider lift arms


Maximum Uptime

  • Redesigned hydraulic steering system provides more stability with fewer mechanical linkages and pivot joints
  • Independent rear suspension supplies optimal rear axle stability and flotation, even in rugged terrain
  • Redesigned hydraulic system runs cooler and more efficiently, maximizing machine performance


Rear Axle Stability

  • Re-designed rear axle for ultimate control and stability
  • Rear wheel forks are three degree cast design for optimal stability
  • Independent rear suspension is now base equipment for all models
  • Larger 16.5L rear tires provide better flotation and better ride


Header Operation

  • The flotation system has been simplified by adding sensors to the cut height cylinders which eliminates the header drop rate setting in the cab
  • Header installation/removal is easier with power down option and wider lift arms to improve visibility
  • Power down feature – Lift arms can be lowered all the way to the ground without making adjustments to flotation


Hydraulic System

  • The Dual Circuit Hydraulic System on draper machines have improved hydraulic efficiency and capacity
  • Features two 40 GPM pumps for matched capacity to header
  • Higher flows through the cooling system and new filtration for cold weather applications
  • New couplers for matched capacity flow requirements


Power-Packed Engines
Emission-compliant, biodiesel-approved engines provide muscle to handle heavy loads, wet conditions and hillsides without slowdown.

Other features include:

  • Turbocharger
  • Air-to-air intercooling
  • Computer-aided-design parent bore block with contoured outer surface for increased overall block strength and reduced noise and vibration
  • WD1504: Four-cylinder, 4.5L (274-CID) with mechanical fuel injection
  • WD2104 & WD2504: Six-cylinder, 6.75-L (411-CID) with electronic fuel injection


WD4 Windrower Enhancements
Whether you are cutting hay or swathing canola, extra horsepower to muscle through the tough spots is a welcome addition, especially when that power doesn’t come at the cost of efficiency. Enhancements include:

  • Our patented Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR)- only exhaust aftertreatment technology to meet Tier 4 B/Final emissions requirements
  • Road speeds up to 24 mph
  • Updated hydraulic steering system
  • Improved field drivability
  • Dual-circuit hydraulic system
  • Integrated AFS Pro 700 control center


Efficient Power
The WD4 series windrowers offer engines with Case IH Efficient Power technology. Windrower field tests have demonstrated a minimum of 10 percent operating cost advantage compared to similar Tier 3 windrowers. The 4-cylinder WD1504 and 6-cylinder WD2104 and WD2504 deliver 150, 210 and 250 horsepower, respectively. The windrowers are equipped with our patented Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) - only exhaust aftertreatment technology to meet Tier 4 B/Final emissions requirements. Because it does its work outside the engine, in the exhaust system, the engine can be tuned to operate at its peak power and fuel efficiency.

Up To 24mph Road Speeds
WD4 windrowers also boast road speeds of up to 24 mph, so you can be more efficient and get another field cut before calling it a day.

Hydraulic Steering System
The hydraulic steering system reduces the number of mechanical linkages required, creating tighter and more responsive steering. The system makes the machine easier to steer, especially at high road speeds.

Improved Field Drivability
These steering system updates have also improved drivability in the field. WD4 windrowers better follow the AB line when AFS AccuGuide™ autoguidance is activated. Case IH engineers adjusted the machine’s weight balance and developed caster wheels, set at a 3-degree angle.

Dual-Circuit Hydraulic System
The dual-circuit hydraulic system with two 40-gallon-per-minute (gpm) pumps results in faster cutting speeds while maintaining a clean-cut and well-formed windrows. The hydraulic system also runs cooler and more efficiently, maximizing machine performance in draper applications.

Advanced Farming Systems
Case IH windrowers use the integrated AFS Pro 700 control center to not only manage windrower autoguidance functions, but also to control key machine functions and monitor windrower performance.


Model WD1504
Header Compatibility  
Sicklebar (Auger) Headers Yes, all widths
Draper Headers Yes, with draper kit, 36' max.
Rotary Disc Headers No
Double Windrow Attachment np
Hydraulic Header Reverser Standard
Rated Engine Power, hp (kW) 150 (112)
Maximum Engine Power, hp (kW) 161 (120)
Engine make Case IH FPT
Number of cylinders 4
Displacement, (L) 274 (4.5)
Aspiration Turbo, w/ air-to-air intercooler
Emission Tier Level Tier 4B / Final
Radiator/Screen Cleaning Rotary Wand and duct
Alternator rating, Amps 150
Fuel tank capacity, gal (L) 120 (454)
Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) tank capacity, gal (L) 19 (71.9)
Transmission and Speeds  
Transmission type Hydrostatic, 2-speed std; 3-speed opt.
Maximum field speed, mph (kph) np
Maximum road speed, mph (kph) 19 (30.6) std; 24 (38.6) opt.
Tires and Suspension  
Tire Size, drive end 480/80 R26 R3
Tire Size, engine end 14Lx16.1 8PR or 16.5Lx16.1 8 PR
Suspended Rear Axle (engine end) Pressurized air suspension bags
Cab Suspension Standard
Dimensions and Weight  
Overall length w/header, in (mm) 280.5 (7125) w/ Sickle Head
Length w/o header, in (mm) 202.3 (5138)
Height to top of cab, in (mm) 134.3 (3411)
Track width (drive end), in (mm) 148.5 (3771)
Track width (engine end), in (mm) 90, 105 or 120 (2286, 2667 or 3048)
Wheelbase, in (mm) 144.1 (3659)
Crop clearance, in (mm) 42.5 (1080)
Weight, w/o header (kg) 11,680 to 12,470 (5299 to 5658)
Sales Literature  
Literature number CIH01231501US
Literature date 1/1/2015
Other Documentation  
Document number --
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Entry Date  
Manufacturing Status Current
First Entry Date 9/30/2014
Revision Date 5/30/2015
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