Case IH 1225 Rigid Trailing

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Maximize Yield Potential
At Case IH, we make every seed count. Through sound agronomic design, Case IH Early Riser Planters set the industry benchmark for consistent in row spacing and plant population accuracy. Now, our latest planters go beyond picket fence stands – uniform spacing between plants – to deliver photocopy plants.​



  • Engineered to deliver uniformity of plants same size, height, and thickness of plants the entire growing season
  • Applies uniform correct soil pressure all around the seed



  • Ensures good seed-to-soil contact
  • Provides accurate and consistent depth control across the planter


Higher Yields
Side-by-side trials show Early Riser Planters produce on average 6% more plants above the competition


Row Unit

Make the Most of Short Seasons
The legendary Case IH Early Riser Planter row unit was designed with agronomics in mind so you can make the most of short planting windows. Our many patented features mean accurate in-row spacing, excellent soil-to-seed contact, and earlier, uniform emergence.


Clean Seed Trench

  • Leading Edge Offset Openers: slice through residue and hard soil.
  • Furrow Forming Point: forms the clean V-shaped seed trench
  • Seed Protection Shoe: acts as a retaining wall, preventing loose soil from falling into the trench before seed.

Careful Soil Handling

  • Reduced Inner Diameter Gauge Wheel Tires: allow displaced soil to move up and out to the sides of the trench for less sidewall compaction.
  • Better Gauge Wheel Weight Distribution: carries the row unit/planter weight away from the edge of the seed trench wall to avoid compression at the base of the trench for more robust roots and plants.
  • Inverted Furrow Closing Disks: replaces soil from both sides so moist soil covers the seed, improving seed-to-soil contact and proper soil pressure.


Make Case IH Early Riser
Model 1225 Rigid Trailing 6Row 30
Configuration Summary  
Number of rows 6
Row spacings, in (mm) 30 (762)
Bulk-Fill or Individual Row Hoppers Row Hoppers
Hookup to tractor, Mounted, Semi-mounted, Trailing Trailing
Method of folding for transport Single section, non-folding
Hoppers and/or Tanks  
Standard hopper capacity, per hopper, bu (L) 1.9 (67) each row hopper
Optional hopper arrangement No option
Optional hopper capacity, per hopper, bu (L) No option
Dry Fertilizer capacity, lb (kg) Two 900 (408) each, opt
Liquid Fertilizer capacity, gal (L) Two 110 (416) each, opt
Granular chemical capacity, lb (kg) 70 (32) opt. w/ chain drive only
Row Units  
Metering device, first option Vacuum
Metering device, second option No option
Metering device, third option No option
Furrow-forming device 14" staggered discs, 10.5 degree Vee
Seed Delivery, meter to furrow Gravity drop tube
Alternate Seed Delivery, meter to furrow No option
Depth gauging system Single handle, infinite settings
Closing system Inverted discs and press wheel
Standard down force method Spring
Optional down force method No option
Seed and Fertilizer Drives  
Standard seed drive Chain drive, mechanical transmission
Optional seed drive AccuDrive cable w/ AccuRow clutch
Dry fertilizer drive Auger
Liquid fertilizer drive Piston pump
Fertilizer openers  
Liquid fertilizer openers Double disc or No-Till coulter, opt.
Dry fertilizer openers Double disc or single 17" coulter, opt.
Tillage Attachments  
Disc furrowers Smooth or notched
Residue tine wheels, Row cleaners Dual tine wheels available
Coulter only 25 wave coulter
Coulter and residue tine wheels combination No option
Planter Monitors  
First monitor available Early Riser IV
Second monitor available AFS Pro 700
Number of frame sections Single section
Frame rigid or flexible Rigid
Frame Attachments  
Markers, standard or optional Standard
Rear trailer hitch No option
Main frame tire size 7.60x15, 10 PR
Wing frame tire size No wing frames
Dimensions and Weights  
Planting width, ft-in, (m) 15' (4.57)
Transport width, ft-in (m) 17' 3" (5.26)
Transport height, ft-in (m) 11' 2" (3.40)
Transport length, ft-in (m) np
Basic weight, empty, lb (kg) 4,240 (1923)
Weight, empty, with fertilizer tanks, lb (kg) 5,476 (2484)
Tractor power and hydraulics  
Power needed, minimum, hp (kW) 75 (56) PTO
Drawbar/Hitch requirement Drawbar
Minimum hydraulic flow, gpm (Lpm) 16 (61)
Maximum hydraulic flow, gpm (Lpm) 16 (61)
PTO driven pump or Power Beyond 14 gpm PTO pump on planter
Number of remote hydraulic circuits 2
Sales Literature  
Literature number CIH01031401
Literature date 1/1/2014
Secondary Literature  
Secondary Literature Number PL-3082-13
Secondary Literature Date 5/1/2013
Entry Date  
Manufacturing Status Current
First Entry Date 12/28/2013
Revision Date 3/24/2014
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