Case IH FLEX HOE 400

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Seeding Styles

Various Configurations to Suit Your Operation
Case IH Flex Hoe Series air hoe drills are engineered to deliver precision seeding under a wide variety of seeding styles and field conditions.

"Click to Learn More" to view seeding styles and see how the Flex Hoe Air Drill can be configured to suit for your operation.


Get Accurate Placement and Higher Yields
Higher yields can be gained when you match the right opener to your conditions to achieve accurate seed and fertilizer placement. Case IH offers two openers -- Stealth® and Nok-onthat deliver successful seeding in your conditions.

Stealth Opener System

  • System offers a choice of low-disturbance knife tips or a selection of spread tips for single-shoot applications
  • Stealth double-shoot side band or paired row attachments deliver one-pass seed and fertilizer placement
  • Replaceable tips let you match the right opener to the job and help you manage wear


Nok-On™ Opener System

  • Quickly switch sweeps, along with either a narrow or wide opener, to add maximum versatility to your seeding system
  • Fine-tune your product spread width with an adjustable spread boot option to match your choice of sweeps and packing


Packing Systems

Wide Range of On-Row Packing Choices
To improve germination, Case IH offers a wide range of on-row packing choices to match your seeding style, opener and soil conditions. You can choose from steel, pneumatic or semi-pneumatic packing wheels--each geared to fit specific conditions.

In-Line Gang Packing System

Wheel Options

  • Steel press wheels: Ideal for sandy and rocky soil conditions. A V-profile concentrates packing pressure onto a smaller area for higher pressure on the seed. Available in 3.5 in or 4.5 in (8 cm or 11.4 cm) widths.
  • Semi-pneumatic rubber press wheels: Ideal for heavy, sticky soils. A flat profile rides over a wider area for less packing pressure and flex to shed buildup. Available in widths of 3 in, 4 in or 5.5 in. (7.6 cm, 10.2 cm or 14 cm).


Shanks & Trips

Protect Your Openers and Achieve Consistent Depth
Match shank and trip styles to your operation so you protect valuable openers, get maximum clearance for tripping over obstacles and effective penetration for consistent depth. Choose from two shank styles and two trip options to create the air drill that's right for your operation.

Shank Designs

  • The rugged C-shank design can be used with a wide range of opener styles
  • Vertical Edge-On shanks are available for the Flex Hoe 700
  • When used with the Stealth®, the Edge-On shank creates ultra-low soil disturbance
  • Both shanks allow a wide array of openers, sweeps and attachments


Trip Options

  • Choose 350-lb. (149-kg) trips for most soil types
  • For rugged conditions and double-shoot applications, select 550-lb. (249-kg) trips


Make Case IH
Model Flex Hoe 400
Seeding Method Min-Till / Conventional Till hoe
Row Spacings, in (mm) 7.2, 10, 12 (183, 254, 305)
Seed Supply, Air Cart or Integral Tank, bu (L) Air Cart
Frame Sections & Transport Folding Method 3 & 5 section vertical fold
Machine Dimensions and Weight  
Working Width, Minimum, ft-in (m) 33' (10.06)
Working Width, Maximum, ft-in (m) 57' (17.4)
Transport Width, Minimum, ft-in (m) 20' 6" (6.2)
Transport Width, Maximum, ft-in (m) 20' 6" (6.2)
Transport Height, Minimum, ft-in (m) 11' 8" (3.6)
Transport Height, Maximum, ft-in (m) 17' 9" (5.4)
Number of Furrows, Minimum 28
Number of Furrows, Maximum 85
Basic Weight, Minimum, lb (kg) 17,000 (7711)
Basic Weight, Maximum, lb (kg) 33,700 (15286)
Variants Available 5 widths, 3 row spacings
Primary Opener Assembly  
Opener Type Conventional single pivot spring trip hoe
Depth Gauging System Fixed to frame
Seeding Depth, Maximum, in (mm) np
Down Pressure, Minimum, lb (kg) Not regulated separately
Down Pressure, Maximum, lb (kg) Not regulated separately
Trip Load, lb (kg) 350 or 550 (159 or 250)
Fertilizer Delivery Single or double shoot
Press Wheels  
Press Wheels Mounted on Opener or to Frame Frame-mounted
Press Wheel Description Steel Wheel or Semi-pneumatic Tire
Tires and Frame  
Center Frame Tire 9.5L x 15FI or 11L x 15FI
Wing Frame Tire 9.5L x 15FI or 11L x 15FI
Number of Frame Ranks 4
Distance Between Ranks, in (mm) 24 (610)
Sales Literature  
Literature Number CIH3200606
Literature Date 3/1/2006
Other Documentation  
Document Number --
Document Date --
Status and Entry Dates  
Manufacturing Status Current
First Entry Date 8/29/2008
Revision Date 9/14/2014
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