Case IH SR270 Skid Steer Loader

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Power & Productivity

Muscle to Get the Job Done

CASE skid steer loaders are designed to dominate. Whether you’re up against tough digging, loading, pushing, or grading, these skid steers deliver overall best-in-class performance and breakout force. After all, you deserve a machine that works as hard as you do.


Need to run your loader longer, stronger, and more profitably? No problem with CASE’s heavy-duty rotational force—get up to 282 lb.·ft. (383 N·m) at 1,400 RPM—more power than ever before.

Breakout Force

With more than more than 9,500 lbs (42.3 kN) of breakout force, CASE skid steer loaders provide you with more strength to lift and move, so you can do more each day.

Optional Auxiliary Hydraulic Packages

CASE skid steer loaders offer three different optional auxiliary hydraulic packages: standard, high-flow and enhanced high-flow. They also offer secondary auxiliary hydraulics for applications requiring multiple hydraulic movements simultaneously.



Powerstance for Steady Strength

A wheelbase that’s up to 21% longer gives you stability you can feel. The improved weight distribution enables you to lift larger loads and reduces control jerking, back jolting and load-spilling bounce when hauling. Clear curbs easier, retain more material and experience a faster, more comfortable ride.


Operator Environment

Visibility, Comfort and Control

Climb in the cab and you’ll feel the difference. We know your cab is your workplace, so we designed an operating environment that delivers more room, visibility, comfort and control.

Superior Visibility

Easily see what’s all around you with industry leading visibility and standard side lighting, ensuring skid steer operators can maneuver quicker and more confidently at any time – that’s safe operation.

Ultimate Cab Comfort

A comfortable operator is a productive and happy operator. At nearly three feet wide, CASE skid steer loaders offer one of the largest ROPS/FOPS-certified cabs in the industry. It’s fully sealed and pressurized to reduce noise, dust and fumes—and comes with an optional radio and upgraded climate control system.

Effortless Controls

EZ-EH controls: Quickly switch between personalized settings for speed and control customization; program up to nine different presets to recall operator settings for different jobs and different operators - all at the touch of a button. There’s also an intuitive lockout menu and rocker switch to easily alternate between CASE “H” and “ISO” patterns.

Ride Control™: Just push a button to automatically steady the loader arm when traveling at elevated speeds and the machine automatically compensates with greater shock absorption and reduced loader arm bounce, so you can work faster than ever without spilling your load.


Built to Run All Day

Large 16- to 25.5-gallon fuel tanks can run all day without refueling because of new CEGR technology which helps boost productivity and fuel efficiency while meeting new Tier 4 emissions regulations.


Tier 4 Done Right, Made Easy

Every CASE skid steer loader features a proven Tier 4 Final solution that is tailored for that model. CASE Tier 4-certified equipment is easier to maintain and, unlike competitive models, won't require you to master additional maintenance procedures. In fact, most CASE machines have maintenance-free emission solutions, so you can stay focused on your work—and not maintaining your machine.


Cooled Exhaust Gas Recirculation requires no operator maintenance or management. CEGR is included in all CASE skid steer loader models.


Diesel Oxidation Catalyst is a maintenance-free solution—no fluids to add and no filter to replace.


Selective Catalytic Reduction is a simple after-treatment solution that combines DEF (Diesel Exhaust Fluid) with exhaust to convert emissions into nitrogen and water.


Lift Configuration Radial
Engine FPT F5B FL413 E*B002
Gross Horsepower –hp (kW) 90 (67)
Net Horsepower –hp (kW) 84 (63)
Peak Torque– lb ft (Nm) 282 (383)
Displacement/Cylinders–in³ (L) 207.0 (3.4) / 4
Emissions Certification* Solutions Tier 4 Final (CEGR, DOC, SCR)
Rated Operating Capacity (ROC) 50%– lb (kg) 2,700 (1 225)
Tipping Load– lb (kg) 5,400 (2 450)
Bucket Cylinder Breakout Force–lb (kN) 8,677 (38.6)
Standard Auxiliary Hydraulics–gpm (L/min) 24.2 (91.5)
High-Flow Auxiliary Hydraulics–gpm (L/min) 37.6 (142.5)
Operating Weight – lb (kg) 8,117 (3 681)
Height to Bucket Hinge Pin 125.1 in (3.18 m)
Dump Height with Low-Profile Bucket** 98.3 in (2.50 m)
Height to Top of ROPS 78.8 in (2.00 m)
Overall Length with Low-Profile Bucket 147.5 in (3.75 m)
Over-the-Tire Width with Spec. Tires 69.6 in (1.77 m)
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