Case IH Ecolo-Tiger 730C

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Ecolo-Tiger 730C Design Updates

The Ecolo-Tiger® 730C features are field-tested, proven tools recently improved with more than 23 design updates.

  • Smoother residue flow due to increased mainframe length, added clearance, and increased rank between front and rear disks
  • Increased strength
  • Improved load ratings
  • 24-in. (610-mm)-diameter, shallow-concavity blades improving residue cutting and enhancing soil penetration capability


Shanks and Points for Superior Soil Tilth

  • Massive 1.5x6-in. (38x152-mm) parabolic shanks and Tiger® points increase soil tilth
  • Improve water and nutrient absorption
  • Produce better stands and higher yields
  • Ecolo-Tiger 730C, 7-shank requires 245–340 PTO hp (183–254 kW)


Crumbler 160 Seedbed Conditioner

Proven Performance
Attaching the Crumbler® 160 behind your Case IH Ecolo-Tiger 730C makes one-pass primary tillage and seedbed preparation possible. The Crumber 160 breaks up clods, knocks soil off crown roots and smoothes soil after primary tillage; saves time, fuel and tractor engine hours; and promotes higher yields by creating more ideal seedbed conditions. Performance research shows that the Crumbler 160 works in the fall to provide high-quality seedbed conditions by:

  • Reducing clod size by up to 46%
  • Creating smoother valleys by up to 45%
  • Improving fall seedbed levelness by up to 55%
  • Reducing air pockets in tilled soil


The Crumbler 160 consistently exerts approximately 160 lbs./ft. (240 kg/m) of ground pressure. ​

Heavy-duty Construction

The Crumbler®​ 160 is constructed with rough terrain and varied soil conditions in mind. It features:

  • A mainframe and wings constructed of 6-x-4-in. (152-x-102-mm) steel tubing
  • 16-in. (41-cm)-diameter reels with 10 1-in. (25-mm)-diameter solid bars
  • 3,000 psi (211 kg/cu cm) hydraulic cylinders and hoses with ISO couplers
  • 9.5L x 15 eight-ply, tubeless-rim implement tires
  • Replaceable hubs and spindles
  • Large, heavy bearings
  • Rigidly mounted reels
  • Available in 15-,17.5-, 20-, 22.5- and 25-ft. (4.6-, 5.3-, 6.1-, 6.9- and 7.6-m) widths. The four larger models fold to a narrow 13.5-ft. (4.1-m) transfer width.​


Unique Features

Other unique features of the Crumbler®​ 160 include:

  • A pull frame with telescoping tongue that easily attaches to the rear hitch on primary tillage machines
  • Warning and tail lights
  • An SMV emblem
  • A safety chain
  • A parking stand​


Model Ecolo-tiger 730C
Fore-aft configuratiion Disk-Disk-Shanks-Disk
Primary blade type, disk or coulter Disk
Manufacturer's description of machine Disk ripper
Working width, ft in (m) 17' 6" (5.3)
Transport width, ft in (m) 16' 5" (5.0)
Overall length, ft in (m) 28' 0" (8.5)
Total weight, lb (kg) 15,200 (6895)
Disk blade diameter, in (mm) 24 (610)
Disk blade thickness , in (mm) 0.25 (6.4)
Disk blade spacing , in (mm) 7.5 (190) Effective; 15 (381) on gang
Disk mounting, individual or gang Gang
First disk angle or gang angle, degrees 18
Second disk angle gang angle, degrees 18
Disk operating depth, maximum, in (mm) 4 (102)
Disk depth adjustment Independent hydraulic
Number of main shanks 7
Shank spacing, in (mm) 30 (762)
Shank operating depth, maximum, in (mm) 13 (330)
Standard shank design Parabolic
Standard shank trip force, lb (kg) 4,800 (2177)
Optional shank design MRD semi-straight
Optional shank trip force, lb (kg) np
Underframe clearance, in (mm) 40 (1016)
Shank trip clearance, in (mm) 11 (280)
Disk blade diameter, rear, in (mm) 18 (457)
Disk blade spacing, rear, in (mm) 15 (381)
Disk mounting, rear, individual or gang Gang
Rear disk blade angle or gang angle, degrees np
Frame description, Non-folding, Folding, Flex Non-folding
Pull type hitch system, rigid or level lift Rigid
Transport wheel mounting, single, dual, walking tandem Single
Transport Tire size (number of tires) 16.5Lx16.1 FI (E) (2)
Required power, hp (kW) 285 to 390 (213 to 291)
Rolling Reel / Basket available, standard or optional No
Spike harrow, available, standard or optional No
Coil tine harrow available, standard or optional No
Rear hitch P/T crumbler hitch optional
Other optional attachment No
Literature Number CIH4220805
Literature Date 4/22/2008
Document Number 87680411
Document Date 4/1/2008
Manufacturing status Current
First Entry Date 2008
Revision Date 6/1/2008
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