Gehl V420

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The Gehl V420 skid loader is a shining example of Gehl’s superior innovation and well thought-out product development.

  • The re-designed chassis aids in superior weight distribution, which further enhances stability.
  • Thick steel plating and heavy-duty pins and bushings strengthen the loader for heavy-duty work.
  • Electronic engine control and electronic foot and electronic hand throttles allow operation at partial throttle, reducing sound levels and fuel consumption (not available with hand/foot controls).
Height to Hinge Pin - Fully Raised (mm) 144" (3653)
Travel Speed with Standard Two-Speed (km/hr) 10.7 mph (17.3)

Operator's Cabin

The operator’s compartment on the V420 skid loader provides a safe and comfortable working environment for operators of all sizes.

  • Cab forward design enhances the view to the bucket. Level II FOPS is standard equipment.
  • Standard mechanical suspension seat and optional air-ride suspension seat provide enhanced levels of comfort.
  • New side-folding restraint bar and armrests with multiple adjustments enhance operator safety and comfort.
  • Extra-large side screens combined with a low-profile lift arm design provide a wide field-of-view to the side work areas.
  • Optional pressurized sealed cab enclosure with sound reduction material and rear-mounted air filter provide a cleaner and quieter operating environment.
  • Domed, wide-view glass door option reduces glare and provides optimal visibility to the lift arm, work tool and front work area. Large top, front window provides a clear view of the lift arm in its higher lift positions.
  • Dome light, cup holder, 12-volt socket and storage tray.
  • LCD display replaces gauges and is customizable to user preference.


Controls on the Gehl V420 skid loader are ergonomically designed to reduce operator fatigue and increase productivity.

  • Adjustable joystick handles provide ease of operator control with minimal effort, reducing fatigue.
  • New upper-left and upper-right instrument panels provide easy readout and switch access.
  • Infinitely adjustable proportional auxiliary hydraulics.
  • Hydraloc™ system applies brakes whenever the operator raises restraint bar, leaves the operator’s seat or switches off the ignition.


The Gehl V420 skid loader comes equipped with the power to tackle virtually any job.

  • Hydraulic fan with swing-out cooler reduces fuel consumption, reduces noise levels, and provides improved service access.
  • Automatic grid heater engine intake heating system provides superior cold-weather starting.
  • Engine has conventional water/ethylene glycol liquid-cooled design.
  • Engine servicing points are readily accessible.
  • Dual element filter and pre cleaner are standard.
Make Deutz
Model TCD 3.6 Tier IV
Gross Power (kW) @ rpm 120 hp (89.5) @ 2,200
Maximum Torque (Nm) 354 ft.-lbs. (480) @ 1,300
Displacement (L) 220 (3.6)


When maximum hydraulic power is needed to run demanding attachments, the V420 Skid Loader is equipped with the tools to get the job done right.

  • High system pressure delivers more hydraulic muscle to power demanding attachments and deliver superior lifting and breakout forces.
  • Standard proportional auxiliary hydraulic control gives the operator the ability to adjust attachment speeds with infinitely adjustable flow control.
  • Standard auxiliary detent allows the operator to set attachment for continuous operation.
  • Standard Hydraglide™ ride control system allows the lift arm to “float” when transporting loads, minimizing loss of material, and increased operator comfort.
  • Lift cylinders incorporate cushioning for smoother operation when lowering the lift arm.
  • Pilot-controlled hydrostatic transmission with direct engine coupling provides high operating efficiency.
High-Flow Hydraulics - Option (L/min) 40.8 gpm (185.5)

Attachment System

A full line of Edge attachments and accessories are designed specifically to fill operators’ needs, making their V420 the most versatile machine on the job site. Popular attachments are listed below.

Lift Arm

The V420 skid loader vertical-lift arm design was created for maximum reach, superior strength and optimal operator visibility.

  • Low-profile lift arm design provides outstanding forward and side visibility.
  • Single-plane lift arm design features a heavy-duty timing link, upper-rear channel support and large diameter pivot pins, providing best-in-class vertical and lateral strength and rigidity, as well as exceptional rear visibility.
  • Four-point support through dual bucket cylinders and two lift arm stop blocks on the front of the main frame evenly distribute digging forces.
Height to Hinge Pin - Fully Raised (mm) 144" (3653)


At Gehl we know ease of serviceability is very important to our customers. The model V420 skid loader is sure to exceed their expectations.

  • Large engine cover is hinged and positioned by gas-springs to assist lifting and holding in place, and allows for easy return to closed/operating position.
  • Large rear door easily opens on hinges on right side, allowing full access for servicing and maintenance.
  • Swing-out cooler provides improved access to engine bay area.
  • Entire cabin structure tilts rearward with a gas strut/spring for easy internal service access.
  • Drive chains and axle bearings are sealed systems that require no maintenance.
  • Coded wiring takes the guesswork out of electrical system identification.
  • Cabin filter is located on the top of the operator structure allowing it to pull more clean, fresh air and less debris.
  • Rear side panels can be removed with the lift arm in the raised or lowered position.
  • Hydraulic tank dipstick allows for simple and fast hydraulic fluid checks.
  • Check engine coolant quickly through the handy sight gauge.


Overall Operating Height - Fully Raised 186.8"
Height to Hinge Pin - Fully Raised 144"
Overall Height to Top of ROPS 82.0"
Ground Clearance to Chassis 7.3"
Overall Length with Bucket 158.5"
Overall Length without Bucket 121.5"
Wheelbase 54.6"
Dump Reach - Fully Raised 39.5"
Rollback at Ground 31°
Dump Angle 31°
Overall Width  79.5"
Bucket Width 84"
Clearance Circle - Rear 70.5"
Clearance Circle - Front without Bucket 50.8"
Clearance Circle - Front with Bucket 88.5"
Seat to Ground Height 41.2"
Rollback at Specified Height 100°
Dump Height 114.8"
Departure Angle 19°
Standard Specification Tire Size 14.00 - 17.5 HD
Make Deutz
Model TCD 3.6 Tier IV
Gross Power @ rpm 120 hp @ 2,200
Displacement 220
Maximum Torque @ rpm 354 ft.-lbs. @ 1,600
Hydraulic System  
Auxiliary Hydraulics - Standard 32 gpm
High-Flow Auxiliary Hydraulics - Option 40.8 gpm
Reservoir Capacity 16.75 gal.
Rated Operating CapacityA 4,200 lbs.
Fuel Tank 40 gal.
Travel Speed - Maximum 10.7 mph
UREA/DEF Tank 4.0 gal.
Operating WeightC - Approximate 11,665 lbs.
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