Gehl RT255

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The Gehl RT255 Compact Track Loader was designed from the ground up to be the top performing machine on the jobsite.

  • Rated operating capacity at 35% of 2550 lbs (1157 kg), this RT255 can safely pick-up and operate to it's full potential
  • 243 ft-lbs (330 Nm) of useful torque to assist the engine power output
  • Class-leading lift breakout force and high tilt breakout force give you the power needed to break out concrete slabs, frozen piles of dirt or remove tree stumps.
  • Standard, selectable 2-speed drive systems, horn and backup alarm
  • Optional counterweight/bumper can gain extra tipping capacity while offering increased rear protection.
Overall Operating Height - Fully Raised (mm) 168" (4267)
Operating Capacity at 35% Tipping Load with Optional Counterweight (kg) 2,823 lbs. (1280)
Ground Speed - Standard 2-Speed (km/h) 7.5 mph (12.1)
Breakout Force - Tip (kg) 8,384 lbs (3803)
Breakout Force - Lift (kg) 7,437 lbs (3373)

Operator's Cabin

The extra-large, state-of-the art operator’s station on the new RT255 Compact Track Loader is designed for optimal operator comfort resulting in all-day productivity on the jobsite.

  • Level II ROPS/FOPS provides the highest level of safety protection for an operator in a roll over or falling object situation.
  • ALL NEW seat-mounted pilot control system has redesigned the cab by mounting the controls to the seat. This provides added leg room and less arm fatigue during operation.
  • The IdealAccess™ Door is a Gehl patented design featuring a low clearance door that delivers cab-to-canopy versatility and easy access.
  • Tilt out foot feature allows for best-in-class foot well cleanout and provides easy access to the fuel tank and other components under the cab.
  • Excellent sightlines from all sides for safe and precise placement of loads and reduced jobsite incidents. A high-mounted seat provides an excellent vantage point to the attachment and cutting-edge.
  • New "glove friendly", weather proof push style buttons with an automotive design and feel


Controls on the RT255 Compact Track Loaders are ergonomically designed to reduce operator fatigue, increase productivity and improve versatility.

  • The hydraulic-pilot controls are mounted to the seat, so they move with the operator that gives a true 1:1 proportional control over the drive system.
  • Hydraloc™ system applies the parking brake whenever the operator raises the restraint bars, leaves the operator's seat, opens the door or switches off the ignition.
  • Pilot Hydraulic transmission with direct engine coupling delivers operating efficiency while our actuation valve technology keeps the power flowing. This feature monitors and adjusts the hydrostatic drive pump to produce the ideal tractive effort.
  • Multi-purpose LCD display provides easy readout during operation.
  • Easy to use, multi-function display incorporates all warning & operation lights and machine configuration screens. Single button allows for simple scrolling and selection of various display functions


The Gehl RT255 Compact Track Loader engine is packed with plenty of low-end torque, just what a track loader needs to power through the toughest jobs.

  • Utilizing automatic regeneration and no fuel additives the Tier IV Deutz Turbo Diesel Engine is simpler to maintain and a better overall value.
  • Dedicated, welded chassis w/ Flex steel coupler is custom built to aid in superior weight distribution, which enhances stability, grading, tractive effort, and ride control.
  • Engine visually alerts operators to any issues with the Engine ECU, Coolant, Oil Pressure, Engine Air Filter
  • Radiator and Hydraulic cooler have been designed to meet the toughest of operating conditions.  The cooling package has been sized to ensure robust performance in demanding applications and ensure the engine and hydraulic systems run at peak performance.
  • Increased fuel capacity leads to less downtime on the jobsite and quicker turnaround on projects.
Make/Model Deutz/TD 3.6 Tier 4
Type 4-Stroke Turbo
Displacement (L) /Cylinders 221 (3.6)/4
Gross Power (kW) @ rpm 74.3 hp (55.4) @ 2300
Net Power (kW) @ rpm 70.7 hp (52.7) @ 2300
Peak Torque (Nm) @ rpm 243 ft.-lbs. (330) @ 1600
Oil Pump Capacity (L) 9 qts. (8.5)
Alternator Voltage/Amperage 12V/120A


The Gehl RT255 Compact Track Loader hydraulic system is engineered to push more material, lift heavier loads and power demanding attachments.

  • Standard and optional high-flow auxiliary hydraulics are designed to handle virtually every flow/high performance attachment.
  • Power track drive motors deliver superior pushing power against the competition.
  • Lift cylinders incorporate cushioning for smoother operation when lowering the lift arm.
  • Standard selectable self-leveling hydraulic lift keeps the bucket level throughout the raise/lift cycle and can be turned on and off by a switch in the cab.
  • Powerful drive motors deliver superior pushing power to the tracks.
  • Internal drive motor plumbing protects hoses, tubes and fittings from damage resulting from debris or objects in the track area.
  • Power track drive motors deliver superior pushing power.
  • Standard Hydraglide™ system allows the lift arm to “float” when transporting loads, minimizing loss of material and providing a smoother ride at faster transport speeds.
  • Offering 37.7 gpm (142.7 L/pm) of standard high aux high flow to power a wide variety of High Flow EDGE attachments
Auxiliary Hydraulic Flow - Rated Speed (L/min) 29.07 gpm (1110)
High-Flow Hydraulic Flow - Rated Speed (L/min) 37.7 gpm (142.7)

Attachment System

The Gehl RT255 Compact Track Loader is available with your choice of two attachment mounting systems designed to enhance jobsite efficiency.

  • All models feature the easy-to-use All-Tach®  (universal-style) attachment mounting system compatible with most allied attachments with a single lever design and heavy duty mounting plate.
  • Hydraulic Power-A-Tach®  all-weather system option allows users to quickly install and remove attachments. An operator leaves the seat only to connect auxiliary hydraulics.
  • Both systems are compatible with all universal-style track loader attachments.
  • EDGE Attachments offer over 500 attachments to transform your compact equipment and maximize your production. Like a great employee, you can count on these attachments to get the job done....every time!

Lift Arm

The robust lift-arm on the RT255 Compact Track Loader is designed for optimal strength, visibility and capacity.

  • Radical Lift design offers enhanced performance in excavating, grading and digging below grade applications. Due to the radial lift path, the maximum reach is greater at the middle of the lift height.
  • Additional reach & increased dump height results in more efficient load placement and overall performance.
  • Low-profile design provides outstanding forward, rear and side visibility.
  • Simple "in-line" design increases structural integrity by eliminating the complex geometry and welding found on many competitive "offset" lift arm designs.
  • Front channel support and large diameter pivet point pins provide exceptional lateral strength and rigidity.
  • Lift-arm incorporates dual bucket cylinders and two lift-arm stop blocks on the front of the main frame to evenly distribute digging forces.
Height to Hinge Pin - Fully Raised (mm) 128" (3251)


Serviceability is very important to our customers. The RT255 is sure to exceed your service expectations.

  • IdealTrax™ Industry Exclusive Automatic Track Tensioning system eliminates the need for manually tensioning the tracks on the loader before operation, saving valuable time on the jobsite.
  • Remote mounted engine oil filter, fuel filter and water separator all mounted on the left side of the machine for easy access for service. Belly-pan clean out is now 2X the size of previous models, resulting in slightly lower ground clearance.
  • Electrical harnesses all marked with indicators for mounting in place by indicated positions, for more reliability
  • Digital display provides quick responses to possible errors and codes on the machine.
  • Easy Manager System is a simple and flexible tool that optimizes operational monitoring of your equipment whatever the number and your business!
  • Central Sealed Fuse Location Easily Accessible in rear of machine


Overall Operating Height - Fully Raised 168"
Height to Hinge Pin - Fully Raised 128"
Reach - Fully Raised 34.5"
Dump Angle - Fully Raised 41°
Dump Height - Fully Raised 98"
Maximum Rollback Angle - Fully Raised 102.5°
Overall Height at ROPS 83.1"
Overall Length with Bucket - Standard Counterweight 157.8"
Overall Length without Bucket - Standard Counterweight 126.8"
Specified Height 67.7"
Reach at Specified Height 31.1"
Dump Angle at Specified Height 66.8°
Maximum Rollback Angle at Ground 30°
Carry Position 8.2"
Maximum Rollback Angle at Carry Position 31.6°
Digging Position - Below Ground +0.5"
Angle of Departure with Standard Counterweight 25°
Ground Clearance 12.3"
Track Gauge 51.7"
Track Shoe Width 17.7"
Crawler Base 61.5"
Overall Width - Less Bucket 69.5"
Bucket Width 83.9"
Clearance Radius - Front With Bucket 98.4"
Clearance Radius - Rear with Standard Counterweight 70.7"
Angle of Approach 90°
Grouser Height 1"
Operating Capacity at 35% Tipping Load 2,550 lbs.
Operating Capacity at 50% Tipping Load 3,643 lbs.
Tipping Load 7,286 lbs.
Operating Weight 11,600 lbs.
Make/Model Deutz/TD 3.6 Tier 4
Type 4-Stroke Turbo
Displacement/Cylinders 221
Gross Power @ rpm 74.3 hp @ 2300
Net Power @ rpm 70.7 hp @ 2300
Peak Torque @ rpm 243 ft.-lbs. @ 1500
Alternator Voltage/Amperage 12V/120A
Track Drives
Drawbar Pull/Tractive Effort 12,453 lbs.
Track Type/Track Rollers/Roller Type Rubber/5/Steel
Track Width 17.7"
Ground Pressure 5.2 psi
Bucket Breakout - Tilt Cylinder 8,384 lbs.
Bucket Breakout - Lift Cylinder 7,437 lbs.
Ground Speed - Single Speed 5.3 mph
Ground Speed - Two Speed 7.5 mph
Fuel Tank 32 gal.
Hydraulic Reservoir Tank 13.8 gal.
Coolant Capacity 6.1 gal.
Auxiliary Hydraulic Flow - Rated Speed 29.07 gpm
High-Flow Hydraulic Flow - Rated Speed 37.7 gpm
Transmission Pump Type Axial Piston
Motor Type Axial Piston with Planetary Gear Box Reduction
Electronic System
Battery Volts 12V
Cold Cranking Amps at Temperature 950 CCA @ 0°F
Sound & Vibration
Sound Power 106.1 dB (A)
Operator Ear 85.8 dB (A)
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