Great Plains MC5111

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Walking Tandem Axles

Maintain consistent mainframe height for accurate, consistent tillage depth control.


Single-Point Depth Control

The disc gangs are hydraulically adjustable for on-the-go depth control, offering the flexibility to till up to 4" deep.


Patented Angled Rear Chopper Wheel Attachment

Patented angled chopper wheels and 15" shank spacing work together to pull dirt back into shank voids, leveling soil while maintaining the vertically-tilled profile left by the shanks.


Maintenance-Free Bearings

All blades feature maintenance-free tapered bearings in a cast hub with six-lip interlocking seals to keep grease in and dirt out.



Individual mounts offer more space between the 24-inch turbo discs. Features an exclusive turbo blade with a Samurai edge for excellent trash flow and better performance in wet conditions.


Hybrid Machine with Heavy-Duty Toggle-Trip Shanks

When equipped with heavy-duty toggle-trip shanks, this “hybrid” unit works in the 8" to 12" range (rather than the 13" to 15" range required by disk rippers) while horizontally fracturing soil much better than a disk chisel. Toggle-trip shanks can’t float. They either run at the set depth or trip – there is no in-between.


Exclusive Concave Turbo-Wave Blades with Patented “Samurai Edge”

Mounted to individual C-shanks, 24" blades on 15" spacing allow plenty of trash clearance. Two opposing rows of exclusive concave turbo-wave blades aggressively remove root balls while mixing and incorporating residue in the top 4" to 5" of soil, pinning it to the ground to accelerate the decaying process.


Model Info Max-Chisel
Model MC5111
Shank Spacing 15"
Coulter Spacing 7-1/2" (2 offset gangs at 15" spacing per gang)
Weight (approximate, no attachments) 12,430 lbs.
PTO H.P. Req (min) 300+
Tillage Width 14'
Transport Width 17'4"
Transport Height N/A
Center Section 10'
Wing Section 2'6"
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