2100 Coulter Chisel

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Updated Design but Proven Concept

The coulter chisel concept has been used for decades as an alternative primary tillage practice.  The newly redesigned Landoll 2100 Series Coulter Chisel incorporates this concept into high capacity.  This translates to handling heavy residue at higher speeds with maximum efficiency.  Cover more acres per hour using less horsepower per foot than conventional disc rippers.

Available in sizes with 9 to 25 shanks allowing for cutting widths of 11’3” to 31’3”, these models will work with a wide range of tractor sizes and provide ultimate productivity for nearly any operation. Residue is sized every 7 ½” with the front 22” cutting coulters.  Compaction is eliminated and residue is blended in with the heavy-duty shanks spaced at 15”.  Shanks are mounted on staggered bars allowing residue to easily flow through the machine.  In addition, shanks are arranged to follow a coulter and have one in between each for optimum residue sizing.

The high-clearance shanks offer 32” of underframe clearance and are available in auto-reset or rigid shear bolt configurations.  The auto-reset shank assemblies provide 1,750 pounds of point load, a 14” trip height, and the point angle can be adjusted to 50 or 60 degrees. Twisted shovels or straight points are offered to complete the shank assemblies.

User Friendly Features

The 2100 Series Coulter Chisel offers single point depth control at the front of the machine.  Hydraulically controlled coulters allow for “on the go” adjustments to meet changing conditions right from the comfort of the tractor cab.  The self-leveling hitch provides a “set it and forget it” adjustment that maintains level operation from front to rear. The updated design features fewer moving parts to help reduce downtime in the field and adjustments are simple to make, further increasing efficiency.

Leveling Options

The newly redesigned 2100 Series now accommodates a combo tine and chopper leveling attachment.  The combo attachment features three rows of hard surfaced laser stitched coil tine teeth placed on 4” overall centers.  The 5 bladed 16” diameter chopper reel is spring cushioned and can be hydraulically raised out of the ground in wet and sticky conditions.  The choppers are staggered for full overlap of the entire cutting width.  This is the ultimate attachment for leveling and clod breaking capabilities leaving a smooth field finish.

The 2100 Series can also be outfitted with just the three-row coil tine harrow or just the chopper reels; hydraulic lift can be added to either option.

Reap Big Benefits

Today’s high yielding crops produce large amounts of heavy residue that must be sized and mixed in the soil to accelerate breakdown.  The Landoll Coulter Chisel will perform the ultimate primary tillage pass, setting you up for increased yields the following season.  Combine this with Landoll’s state of the art manufacturing processes to have peace of mind that your 2100 Series Coulter Chisel will be in it for the long haul.

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