9600 Series Field Cultivator

The New Era in Field Cultivators

The Landoll 9630/9650 Series Field Cultivator started with the need for efficiency.  High residue levels, larger acreages, higher horsepower tractors and an ever shrinking window of planting opportunities, the design team at Landoll had set the bar high.  Customer feedback from today’s top producers was used to eliminate the shortfalls found on competitive units.  All aspects of ultimate seedbed preparation were taken into consideration in the new design of the 9600 Series Field Cultivator.

It Starts with the Frame

High capacity tillage tools need to have a solid foundation to build from.  The Landoll 9630/9650 Series Field Cultivator uses precision, laser cut structural steel frame members that are robotically welded for ultimate strength and reliability.  This process of manufacturing provides the end user with piece of mind that the Landoll 9600 Series Field Cultivator will be reliable day after day and season after season.  The deep frame allows for a “split the middle” shank arrangement for unrestricted residue flow for perfect seedbed preparation.  The frame is the anchor for the self-leveling hitch and walking tandem transport axles.  The shanks are attached to 4” x 3” structural steel tubes that offer true 6” shank spacing on all models.

There's More

UHMW polymer is used on all rockshaft bearing surfaces.  This provides for maintenance-free operation in this high wear area.  The lift circuit uses 10” stroke phasing cylinders throughout for even raise/lower cycles.  The cylinders use hardened bushings in all pivots and nickel and chrome plated rods for extended life.  Single point depth control at the front of the machine provides precise depth control in ¼” increments.  Pivoting wing gauge wheels are standard on the 28 through 50 foot models.  1 ¼” hinge pins on the wing fold operate on UHMW maintenance-free bushings.

The Heart of the 9630/9650 Series

The shank is the heart of the Field Cultivator.  Landoll offers two styles of shanks on the 9600.  The spring tension shanks offer up 190 lbs. of point load with a 10” trip height, and 26 ½” under frame clearance.  6” spacing with standard 47 degree 8” sweeps will completely till the full width of the machine.  The spring towers feature a Connex wear bushing.  These bushings are Nitrotec® coated for increased wear and corrosion resistance.  The clamp assemblies utilize laser cut components for ease of assembly.  Extension style springs are used exclusively on all Landoll spring tension shanks. A two piece s-tine shank assembly is also available as an option in rock free conditions.  Like its counterpart, it has 190 lbs. of point load and uses 47 degree sweeps.

Fit and Finish

The Landoll 9600 Series is available in sizes from 20’ 6” to 50’ 6”.  The 9630 models are 3 section units and the 9650 models are 5 section units.  Horsepower requirements are in the 7 to 9 HP per foot range.  The final field finish will be determined by which optional leveling device is chosen.  Choose between a 4-Row Coil Tine, 3-Row Coil Tine with Reel, 5-Row Spike and 3-Bar Spike with Reel.  A rear hitch for towing additional implements is also available.

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