MacDon R216 SP

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One Touch Controls

One Touch Controls allow for faster and more precise positioning of the header. Operators can easily program One-Touch-Return buttons for fast in field control of the headers height, tilt and disc speed.

Easy Maintenance

Serviceability with the R2 is a breeze with easy access to the belts and quick coupling drivelines to the conditioners.

Cutterbar Protection

Each of the R2’s discs feature shear pin protection. These pins are designed to shear if the disc comes into contact with a large rock in the field. Once sheared the disc moves up out of the path of the obstruction preventing any damage to the rest of the cutter bar. The shear pins can be quickly replaced in-field, with minimal downtime. Worry-free harvesting performance is ensured with MacDon’s 3-Year cutterbar warranty.

Double Windrow Attachment

MacDon’s optional Double Windrow Attachment saves time and money. The DWA combines two or three passes into a single windrow, ideal for keeping today’s large forage harvesters working at capacity.

The EvenFlow Advantage

A Clean Shave

Low-profile forward mounted cutting discs provide a nearly flat header angle, resulting in a close, clean, smooth cut at speeds of up to 16 miles per hour (26 km/h). Worry-free harvesting performance is ensured with MacDon’s 3-Year cutterbar warranty.

Serious Conditioning

The R2 features the industry’s widest conditioning rolls at 129 inches (328 cm). This massive conditioning surface area creates well-conditioned windrows even in the heaviest crop conditions.

Choose from two conditioning options; Steel Inter-Meshing Rolls, ideal for high volume crops that require aggressive feeding, or Polyurethane Rolls that deliver a crimp/crush action to gently condition leaves and delicate stemmed crops.

Even Windrows

Uniform windrow formation has never been easier. M1 Series Windrowers feature in-cab controls allowing the operator to adjust the R2’s baffle, controlling windrow formation on-the-go.

Altogether, EvenFlow Technology delivers the best possible cut, conditioning, and windrow formation, allowing for quick dry down and increased productivity.


Size 16' 2" (4.94 m)
Weight (With Steel Conditioner) 4740 lb (2154 kg)
Number of Cutting Discs/Blades 10/2
Drive (Maximum Hydraulic Power) 231 HP (174 kW)
Cutting Speed/Knife Tip Speed 1,800 to 2650 rpm / 187 mph (301 km/h)
Cutting Angle Range 0-8˚ below horizontal
Gear Train Protection (Cutterbar) Shearable key in each spindle
Hay Conditioner Option: Type/ Length Inter-meshing steel / 129” (328 cm), Polyurethane rolls / 129” (328 cm)
Options Tall crop divider • In-cab baffle control • adjustable skid shoes • gauge rollers • double windrow attachment • hydraulic couplers for quick attachment
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